The Birth of Aphrodite Dysfunctia

Have you planned your Vegas Vacation yet? I am not. It is after all the city of love, struggle, luck and great parties. Is it no surprise that Las Vegas is the birth place of the goddess of love, Aphrodite Dysfunctia?

It started out easy and nice enough, Eris Discord met up with Inari to go and paint the town a nice chartreuse (too many towns are painted red). Between the goddess of strife, chaos, discord and 20 Charisma stats, and the goddess of fortune, fire, luck and yiff they managed to score a pretty big yield. The night just could not get worse--and due to some black mail to Apollo, it just did not seem to ever end. Eventually Bacchus showed up--as you have two goddesses of this nature, a party will happen. It kind of is unavoidable.

Now, both Inari and Eris will deny this happening. Bacchus was too drunk to really know it happened. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

This night, they found a 24 hour marriage chapel. Both Eris and Inari have some damn fine lawyers. So they both held true in the Hubris that a divorce settlement would have no foreseeable problems to them. Bacchus just had too fine honeys he was going to get with. Maybe if he was sobre, he would see what was about to go so horribly wrong that night.

See Inari had been whispering a few things to Eris. Some of it involved school girl uniforms. Tentacles had an unfairly disproportionate representation to it. However, Eris started to really get interested when told about items involving two half, new half and of course, mpreg. Poor poor drunk Bacchus did not stand a chance.

The matters that occurred that night will stay in Vegas. All I can give are a few key words of what events occurred. The list is: "bottle caps", "handcuffs", "fuzzy dice", "Sonic the Hedgehog", "Captain Kirk", "Mr. Spock", "sparkles", "kilometres of rope", "not so natural male enhancement" and "puppies".

When the sun rose, due to Apollo having dealt with the embarrassing black mail, Eris and Inari were nursing some pretty epic hang overs. Bacchus was breast feeding the child he had somehow bore (laws of anatomy do not seem to apply to the Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology)--a small boy or girl of insanely high beauty. That gender indeterminate child was generation 3 of love. That girl was Aphrodite Dysfunctia--also known as "Trap Aphrodite" (Aphrodite Akbar had issues with not getting sued by George Lucas).

I cannot think of any more appropriate way to represent true love. What started off as mixing a woman and a snake to give us Astarte, has finally came about full circle, to have Aphrodite Dysfunctia, daughter of Eris, a woman mixed with a one eyed snake.

The End

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