White light shone beneath Erin’s feet just before they were roughly flung down on the red, metal seats. She had no idea how everyone else landed so gracefully while she flew off her chair and onto the dusty floor nearly every time. Maybe Magics were just born with more absorbent butts.

“Today is just not your day, is it?” Ezra tried not to laugh as he helped her into the seat as strangers gave her a snarky look, snickering at her misfortune.

“I definitely think the world is out to get me. I even forgot to bring my earplugs for the train. Don’t worry about giving me yours, this is the punishment I get for sleeping through my alarm,” she sighed miserably, sticking her index fingers in her ears to block out the high pitched screeching noise. Although the train was efficiently fast in getting people where they needed to go, there were many old fashioned and inhumane factors in the development of the system.

The late and famous inventor of the trains was William Allumette, a rare and erratic genius, yet obviously insane and lacked humane values. In order to power the train there was a type of creature used called “Crier Goblins.” Ten creatures were needed per train and they each had their mouths hooked up to machines that blew air through a hole in their neck, which was normally use for breathing. The sound of air being forced through the Crier Goblins’ breathing hole, mixed in with their shrill screams, was what caused the horrible high-pitched noise during the train ride.

Attempting to block out the noise that accentuated the cold, grey bleakness of the train, Erin examined her reflection in the dark glass window: short, golden blonde hair that rested just beneath her chin with blunt bangs that shaped her forehead; and large eyes that imitated the colour of the ocean on a sunny day.

Although Erin possessed no magic at all, she still attended school like the other kids, trying to proceed with a somewhat “normal” life. The only reason she was allowed to attend Kezia’s elite private school system was because Ezra was a profound and widely acclaimed teacher there. This became a daunting task in her life and the students and teachers made sure it stayed that way.

The End

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