“I could hear you screaming again. I thought you said you weren’t having night terrors anymore? I’m worried about you,” he sighed as he rose to his feet and lines of stress painted his face.

Erin closed her eyes and took another deep breath to stall as she thought up an elaborate answer. “I am… I thought I was getting better. It must be the stress of going back to school; I promise they are not that bad,” she lied through a fake smile. With one last concerning look, Ezra grabbed his wool sweater and left the house with her trailing behind.

A smile stretched across Erin’s face as she inhaled the crisp fall air. The sun beamed down strong enough that she could actually appreciate the cool air that wrapped itself around her skin, whispering the autumn season in her ear. Brightly coloured leaves crushed beneath her sneakers as she and Ezra made their way to the end of the street. They stood over large hole in the ground that was covered by a metal grate and a sign next to it that read: “TRAVEL”. Holding his palm out facing downwards, Ezra muttered a few words before the cover shot open.

The thought of jumping down a black hole in the ground to get to the underground railway always made Erin feel overwhelmingly unpleasant. If everyone was able to do such elaborate things with their magic, why couldn’t they think of a less queasy way to transport people around?

Ezra sent her a sympathetic glance and grabbed Erin's small hand, leaping down the ominous tube. It felt like the skin was being sucked off of her bones as it blasted them through the tunnel at lightning speed. At that moment, Erin seriously considered crawling back up the daunting tunnel and walking the rest of the way to school from that day on.

The End

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