A short time later, Ezra tried to catch his breath as he arrived at an herb witch doctor. She examined the small child and the woman determined the girl had not a scratch on her and was in no pain. The blood, however, was not hers and was not just from one person. With a few small, hummed words, she lit some herbs in front of the girl’s face in order to release her mind from its state of shock.
As Ezra watched in silent horror, he noticed a peculiar looking locket hanging from the girl’s neck. It was gold and looked brand new, seemingly untouched from what had happened to the child.
Slowly the girl became aware of her surroundings and her body trembled with anxiety.

“What is your name?” The detached doctor immediately questioned.

With a wide, unnerved stare, the blonde mop on the child’s head slightly bobbed as she attempted to communicate with the daunting strangers towering over her.

“Did she not understand the question?” Ezra asked the witch doctor, completely rattled by the whole situation.

“I don’t think she knows her name,” she commented before turning to the girl again and leaning in towards her face. “What happened to you?” she demanded loud and slow.

With a sharp blink, the girl shook her head more noticeably and the doctor pulled back with a concerning look overcoming her expression.

“This child may still be in a state of shock and unable to remember anything. She needs time in a safe, quiet place and then I am sure she will be back to normal,” the witchdoctor assured.

“What does normal mean? Where is a safe and quiet place? I don’t know how to take care of a child,” he protested, realizing what the woman was implying.

“Well, there is always the ‘Holding Shelter for the Lost’ and the town can find a place for her from there - ” the doctor was cut off when Ezra abruptly picked the girl up in his arms and interrupted her.

The End

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