Grace - Calculus

I pushed my huge piles of books in front of me, and pulled out my phone from my pocket. Scrolling through the contact list, I found Tobey’s name and started to thumb out my message to him. Faith said that she wanted to go see the concert too, and in a flash of genius I proposed that we go see the concert in the afternoon and then quickly slipped into Erimont at midnight. Now all I’ve got to do was tell Tobey that we were coming.

Hey Tobey, we’re defo coming on Friday. Want me to come get the tickets afterschool? xxx

“Excuse me Grace,” said Mr Hanks, “Is that your phone I see there?”

“Of course not!” I said, shoving the phone back into my pocket, “Umm... I was just using my calculator to differentiate the logarithm function.”

I looked back down at my book and made a show of typing random stuff into my graphics calculator. After a few seconds Mr Hanks drew his gaze off me. I relaxed.

“What did you tell him?” Faith whispered from beside me.

“That we’re coming, of course,” I told her, my pen doodling on the margin of my maths book.

“Are you sure we’ll be back in time?” she asked.

“You’re always the worrier. Relax woman, we’ll be to the concert and back before you can say Erimont,” I said, “Now pick up your pen and write, Mr Hanks is becoming suspicious.”

“Like you can talk,” she teased, “All you’ve got is a margin filled with ‘Mrs Tobey Lawson” and a million doodles of love hearts.”

“At least I’ve written down something,” I said, blushing.

“So Friday’s not really just about the concert, is it?” Grace persisted, grinning wickedly at me, “Are you planning something with Tobey? If Tristan finds out, he’ll be devastated.”

“Oh, shut up you,” I swatted at her, “And don’t you dare tell Tristan!”

“Ladies, are you actually doing maths over there? I don’t see a lot of differentiation being done,” called Mr Hanks from the front of the room.

“Sorry sir, we’re doing maths now,” we both replied meekly.

I’ve got to tell you that Tristan was special. He was my best friend in all of Erimont, except for Faith of course. But she’s my best friend anywhere so it didn’t really make a difference. The thing was, Tristan loved me. And no, before you think that I didn’t love him back because he was a strange mythical creature or something along that line, Tristan is a prince. But ever since Faith stumbled upon the door in the attic and I provided the key to open into Erimont, Tristan had stayed the same. When we first walked the world of Erimont at the age of six, Tristan was eight. And for the years after that, we had both grown up and left him behind in Erimont. He was trapped as a child forever, and I couldn’t bear to tell this child who loved me for nine long years that I was head-over-heels for a boy called Tobey.

“You have free periods after English yeah?” asked Faith, breaking into my reverie.

“Yep, same as you,” I replied, “Early holidays for us both then!”

I started to slowly pack up my books, since the bell would ring in a few minutes. Faith tried to madly complete her last maths question, so that she wouldn’t have holiday homework. I watched her as she furrowed her brows to concentrate on differentiating transcendental functions, and laughed when she let out a frustrated cry as the bell rang before she finished.

“Well, Ms Teacher’s-Pet, I guess you’ll have holiday homework after all,” I teased her as we walked out of Calculus.

“Oh shut up,” she pouted, “Oh well, only English left to go, and then we’re free!”

The End

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