Faith- Dissapointed

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Grace looked at me sadly.

"Well, are we going to the concert or not. 'Cause I want to go with Tobey, but we really should go to the festival. I mean Erimont's little friends wouldn't be too happy with us when their special queen's don't show up." I giggled. It would be funny if we didn't show up. Even if it was rude.

"Yeah, we should go to the festival. And they would be super mad."

We went through the door to Calculus and took our seats in the front. Which Mr.Hanks was nice enough to give to us, seeing we would put up a fight if he didn't.

The hole class shushed emediatly. Mr. Hanks had walked in.

He sat at his desk looking in the worst mood he ever had. All the teachers did, they loved to teach and the end of the year was a bumber. Mr.Hanks was an ordianry teacher, he was nice he was stern. He often spilled coffee on his shirt. But he had a secret, and me and Grace new about it. He secretly smoked cigarettes. Me and Grace wereabesetminedly playing at the back of the school. I was drawing she was listening to her IPod. Everything was cool, until Mr.Hanks walked out the back doors and lit a cigarette.

He didn't even know we were there and that was good. Teachers weren't supposed to smoke on the job. They could when they got home, but not at school. The principle said it was a bad representation of what was right and what was wrong.

"Faith, Faa-ithh." Grace waved her hand in front of my face and my eyes blinked back into focus.


She pointed at Mr.Hanks whom was staring at me curiosly."Oh." I had blanked out."I'm sorry Sir, what was it that you asked?"

"I wanted you to do the problem, 762 divided by 59 times 86.4 divided by 6.7.

I did the math quickly then replied, "166.54894." He nodded and I sighed in relief. If I had gotten that wrong Mr.Hanks would have taken me off his perfect student list.

He lectured everybody about mental math and I listened carefully. It was all very boring and I wanted it to be over quickly. The last day was not as fun as I had thought it would be.

The End

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