Faith- Habits Die Hard

It was the end of the school year, at last. It felt like yesterday that I was going into Barchmen, completly scared, but not freaking out.

I pulled my blong locks into a sloppy ponytail, not having time to straighten it since I was already late.

"Hello, Mrs Truman." I smiled at my friends mom, who shared the two-family house with us.

I grabbed my bag on the way out the door and slumped to the bus stop.

Grace was waiting there, ready to get on, unlike myself. A noise came from across the block and I heard the bus screech to a stop. Four minutes.

"So, Faith are you excited?" Grace asked, knowing my answer, but being polite enough to ask.

"Sure, kind of."

Before she had time to tell me something, the bus loudly stumbled to a stop infront of us. I climbed up the slippery stairs and swung into my seat.

I ignored Gavin, a weird 10th grader and said my good byes to Grace, who had a seat to herself in the front.

I tried to concentrate on something and my mind slowly slipped into a memory.


"Yes?" She answered politely.

"Can I have a frog?"

"No sweetie, we don't have room for any pets." Mommy smiled at my, mostly at my cute curls. She simply loved them.

I stuck my lip out and madly climbed up the stairs to the top floor, which all our rooms.

I slowly slumped into the room I shared with Christian, seeing it was occupied I ran into my sister's instead.

"Why can't I have a frog?" I whimpered to Mercy.

"Well, mommy doesn't want you to have one because she thinks we have to many pets already. But..."

"But what, sissy?"

"But I know the real reason. We're broke, Faith. We have no money left, we barely even have enough to get through this month."

"But why? Didn't mommy buy you an Ipod for you birthday last month?"

"Faith, that was from a garage sale."

"Oh. Well bye." I walked back to my room, not caring if I disturbe Chis and jumped onto my bed.

Why? Why? I thought it would be a different reason, not a reason that had to do with money. We're broke? I hate my life!

I patted on the bed with my fists.....

I came back to consciousness, finsing that we were here and Gavin was shaking my shoulder. Eww.

The End

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