The Day The World Ended

I'm Erikka. I'm 18. I live-- lived with my parents, my brother and my baby sister. Until a week ago, when they disappeared. I don't know what to do about it really. I kind of have an urge to forget, but that's weird... You don't forget when someone goes missin. You try to find them, right? I don't know... all I know is that they're gone, and I'm probably the reason why...

"Wake up" A voice whispered.

I opened my eyes to find myself standing in an empty park, located on top of a hill. I look around to see the park is surrounded by lights from every direction, reaching out into the darkness as though trying to protect itself from the dangers lurking in the night. 

A city I think to myself as I pull my arms closer, suddenly realizing that I'm not actually affected by the December chill, or the mass of tiny snowflakes dancing around me. Before I can think anything more about where I am, I hear a small thud behind me. I turn to find where the noise came from.

For a moment I'm shocked, unable to understand what happened. Then I see. A child standing in the distance, facing away, wearing a snow suit, mittens, and a hat. I don't understand how I know, but I sense that the child is my younger self, and this is actually a memory....

The End

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