Part 5Mature

When Elaine went home that night, she found Jenny sitting on her front porch smoking a cigarette. This was unusual for Jenny because Jenny never smoked. Her father had died from lung cancer he was a smoker for 54 years. So as Elaine saw Jenny, she knew something was the matter.

"You're smoking."

Elaine noticed Jennys' face was quite dirty. Her arms were scratched and blood speckled her hands.

"He chased me out of the house. I shouldn't have gone back with him I should have known this was going to happen. I should have just left right when I broke up with him."

"Is all of your stuff still there?"

"I tried taking some important things with me but he beat me. He shoved me down in the bedroom and then literally picked me up and threw me outside on the deck. I got up and he started chasing me and I ran through the woods in the back to get here." Jenny began to cry. 

Elaine went to over to her and hugged her told her everything was going to be all right that Elaine will never let anyone hurt Jenny. 

Later that week, Brad called Elaine explaining that his ex-wife had come back, looking for money. 

"She needs 14 grand and I don't have that kind of money."

"What the hell does she need it for?"

"I have no idea. She sounded panicked, but I'm sure her parents can help her. They're stinking rich. But anyway, I just needed someone to talk to. I've missed you."

Elaine felt a wave of blush crawl over her face. 

"If you miss me, come see me."

Brad said he would be over in twenty minutes on the dot any later and Elaine should phone the cops. Elaine laughed at his joke. He told her to time him.

Exactly twenty minutes on the dot, Brad was at Elaine's front porch. It was late, around midnight. Elaine told Brad he had to keep quiet because Jenny was sleeping. Elaine didn't go into details just said she was having a hard day.

Elaine and Brad sat by the fire place. Her house was old with high ceilings and peeling at the corners wallpaper. She rented it from an old couple who lived in Arizona for 850 a month.

They talked about Brad's ex-wife. Her name was Shannon. He had met her during high school in a play they were in together. Brad operated the lights Shannon was the main talent. They had stayed close friends until Brad was in University. Shannon had gotten drunk one night. She drove to his dorm, which took her about three hours, and stormed in demanding answers. Brad had no idea what Shannon was talking about. Neither did Shannon, so she kissed him. They started dating and continued to date for a few months before they got engaged. Brad admitted this was a mistake at the time, but said he felt his life was moving too fast and that getting married was something that had to be done. They were together for three years before they separated. They remained close friends, and still were friends. They never had any children only a dog that they considered a child at the time. Shannon kept the dog.

The End

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