Part 3Mature

When Elaine was 32, she met the love of her life. Not neccesarily her soul mate, but someone that she considered worthy enough to love. So she called him the love of her life. 

He worked at a café that she regularily visited called Blacktrail. Inside the café, there were books cascading every wall books about anything. 

His name was Brad short for Bradford but he hated being called Bradford. He was 37 and had aged well. He had a permanant 5 o'clock shadow and curly thick brown hair. His voice was deep Elaine hated his laugh. 

The first time Elaine met Brad she was smitten. She had walked into the café by accident, meaning to have a coffee with her long time friend Jenny. They had remained close all throughout high school.

When she walked in, her eyes instantly met Brad's and with a smile on his face he greeted her. Elaine bought a coffee, and sat pretending to read a book from the wall. She just stared at Brad. She stayed till close. Brad eventually came over to her and told her that she had to leave that the book couldn't be that good. He told her that if it really was that good, she could come by tomorrow and continue reading. She accepted and returned the next day. 

The End

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