Part 2Mature

When everyone started showing up, Eric had snuck booze from his brother when he wasn't looking. He was drunk when the twelth person arrived. Eric stumbled around the whole night, and ended up crying in the bathroom Thomas walked in while he was crying. 

Thomas was slurring. 

"Woah, sorry Eric." He turned to leave but Eric called him in to stay. 

"I really don't want to be alone righ now. Will you please just sit here and stay with me?"

Tears were still running down his face. Thomas sat down on the floor with his back up against the tub. He didn't know what to say to Eric. 

"Everyone thinks I'm gay." Eric cried

"Well, aren't you?" 

Eric fell silent. He starte to cry harder. His eyes felt swoolen. 

Eric looked at Thomas. He leaned in. 

Eric was two inches from Thomas's face. Eric wanted to see if Thomas would move away, stay where he was, or lean in and finish the job. Thomas hesitated at first but leaned in and kissed Eric. Both of them kept their eyes open they kissed for a long time. 

Eric started moving his hands along Thomas's body Thomas did not push his away. 

That night, both Eric and Thomas lost their virginities. Eric was 14 Thomas was 17. They never spoke after because Jenny Carlo had started a rumor that they had sex that night thinking it was a lie when it wasn't. Everyone believed Jenny Carlo. 

Thomas eventually left the swim team because of constant torment from his teammates. 

A couple of weeks later, when the rumor was at its height, Thomas stormed over to Sam and Eric's house. Sam was taking his regular afternoon nap Eric was doing homework. 

There was a knock at the door. Eric yelled "One second!" and left his calculus on the table. 

When Eric opened the door, Thomas shoved him. Eric fell to the ground. 

"Who did you tell?" Thomas yell-whispered. 

Thomas was afraid someone might hear them. 

"I didn't tell anyone. Jenny Carlo is an idiot. She wasn't even at the party. I don't even speak to her, so why would I tell her?

Thomas was stuck by his question. He went on to say that if Eric didn't stop the rumor himself if he didn't stop acting like a fucking faggot Thomas would kill him. 

Eric began to wear pink to school every day along with scarves and leather pants. He made his voice higher and hung around with only girls, including Jenny Carlo. 

Jenny Carlo and Eric became best friends. Eric came out. 

Thomas left the school completely because he started getting death threats. Eric never spoke to Thomas again. Eric never saw Thomas again. 

The End

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