She used to be Eric. Before she $%@^ed Thomas. Before she was kicked out Christmas Eve.

The scarred thighs of a size 16 Amazonian transgenderdd woman who is too scared to show her legs because she fucked up by fucking her brothers friend Thomas. 

Her name was Eric before the hormone pills kicked in before her parents kicked her out.

"This is all your fault." Her brother Sam would repeat. 

When she was 25, she changed her name to Elaine and change her last name to Knight she thought it sounded good together. Elaine Knight. She liked the way it rolled off her tongue. She changed her name because she learnt to hate her family one Christmas when she was 19, the year she was kicked out.

At 19, Christmas Eve, Eric broke it to his parents that he was going to start taking hormones to start his transformation. He called it a journey his parents called it disgusting Sam made gagging noises. 

Later that night Eric's mother Lorraine pulled him aside and told him that he would have a couple days to pack his things and leave. 

"We can't house a tranny. Do you know what Father John would say?" 

Eric laughed when his mother told him this because when he was 16 and still a boy, his parents sent him to a summer camp to rid him of his homosexual tendendies that Father John proudly ran. That summer, Father John called Eric into his office and asked: "Eric, why do you feel the need to be a homosexual?" 

This question eventually led to Father John touching Eric's privates over his pants. 

When Eric's mother told him that he was no longer welcome in their home, Eric questioned his mother. 

"Why didn't you just kick me out when you found out I was gay? When you found out I fucked Thomas? "

Lorraine gasped in shock. 

"Do not talk like that in this household. I thought the damn treatment worked! We sent you to that camp and spent all that money to fix you!"

"You know what did work? My dick! Wanna know how I know? Father John made me cream in my shorts." 

Lorraine slapped Eric and told him to leave at once. Elaine walked away and stuck the middle finger up yelling "Merry fucking Christmas!" and slammed the door.

When Eric was 14, Thomas Sanders slept over at Eric's house. Sam was having a party that night. There was a total of 57 people at their house that night. Everyone had the idea that Eric was gay everyone made fun of him for it. Especially Thomas. Eric was convince he was in love with Thomas because Thomas had a toned body from being on the swim team. Eric dreamt about Thomas's body since he was 9. This is how Eric knew he was gay. Even though Eric was not out yet, he never denied it. He only said "I know what you are, but what am I?" He was still immature.  

Thomas was drunk he had drank a whole mickey of Smirnoff Ice vodka raspberry flavoured. This is how Eric knew he was going to sleep with him that night. 

The End

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