Dr. Feel GoodMature

Dr. Eric is a DOM who has a medical fetish. While Anna is a sweet deaf woman who is a virgin. We originally started writing this collab over Tumblr, which you can find the beginning of this story here: http://annabelle-banks-indie-rp.tumblr.com/tagged/dr-feel-good

Did she usually blush this much around her doctors? No. But most of her doctors were females that she was not attracted to. She decided to leave that part out though. So instead, she just whispered, "No. Not really." She blushed subtly, hoping he wouldn’t be able to tell that the reason she was blushing was because of how attractive she thought he was. 

She laughed softly at his joke about how his stethoscope got the message before his ears did. She watched his hand slip further into her gown and under her left breast. Her blush only intensified and she felt her heart start to race even more than it already was. He explained about some valve being down there and how he had to get to it. Honestly, she didn’t care. She just loved being touched by him. Realizing that, she bit her lip and just nodded a bit to let him know she was okay with that. 

Nervously, she fiddled with her fingers. “So um… what exactly do you do for the.. um.. pap smear?” she asked him curiously, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. Part of her wanted to know, in hopes that knowing what would happen would ease her fears. But the other part of was worried that it would only make her dread it even more and be even more scared than before.

The End

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