Peculiar Stirring

They got back into the cart after their ‘meal’, if that was what you could call half a bit of stale bread each and some water – the cheese was kept for later.

“I’m full up, now!” Inbus declared from the front of the cart. Alieahsha’s eyes widened in surprise. Full? If he was full from eating such a meager bit of food, then what did Tildonusuallyfeed him? She shuddered subconsciously. She probably didn’t want to know. After a moment of silence, Inbus looked back. “Whot? Aren’t ye?”

Alieahsha slowly shook her head. “My gosh, no. I’m starving.”

“All that food and you’re still hungry? What type of food do they feed you back in your splendid quarters in the capital city?”

Alieahsha frowned. “Your posh accent is back again.”

There was silence up the front for a while, then Inbus cleared his throat. “Nay it’s nat.”

“Inbus,” Alieahsha said, rolling her eyes, “I can see right through that. You sound like a rich person trying to sound like a beggar.”

Inbus humph-ed. “It isn’t me fault that I have to try n’ pretend me accents aren’t changin’! I jurst wanna be normal again, like I use-wally am!”

“Well, your normal accent is back again,” Alieahsha said. The truth was, she wasn’t even sure if that was his normal accent anymore; that was the number of times he’d changed it.


They trundled along for another while, saying nothing and content with the silence. Then Alieahsha started to wonder why she didn’t just jump out of the cart and run away. Then she’d be free, wouldn’t she? No, she wouldn’t be. There’d be nowhere to go, anyway, and anyone willing to take her in would be sure to take her back to her father in her sleep. That was something she didn’t want to happen. She didn’t want to go back to her pampered, closely-watched life, where she couldn’t do anything without her over-protective father looking over her shoulder. No, believe it or not, she actually felt something. A peculiar stirring, as if the whole adventure was actually … fun.

So how could she continue on this adventure without reaching the destination, where bad things were bound to happen? Her thoughtful gaze drifted over to Inbus. Why didn’t he try to escape? Why didn’t he drive the cart away, into the distance, where Tildon would never be able to get to him? Was there anything at all stopping him from doing it right at that very moment?

“Inbus...” Alieahsha said thoughtfully, a smile beginning to creep onto her lips.

The End

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