Scared Messenger

She ran as fast as she could, her breath coming out in short, ragged, puffs.

Please, come back!” she yelled, but there was no answer. She kept on running.

When she finally stopped, she found a boy about her age, sitting in the clearing, panting and breathing heavily.

What do you want?” he asked, eyes wide. “I've given Lady Alieahsha the note already! Please!”

I am Lady Alieahsha.”

Please, Lady! I've given you the note, what do you want?”

Don't be scared, really. All I wanted to know was that can I change the meeting time? You see, I won't be available during our prearranged time.”

Oh. I dunno, ma'am, you have to ask my master about that.”

Can you do that? Please?”

He nodded, and ran off towards the general direction of the city. Alieahsha stared after him. “Well, I hope he gets there,” and she plonked herself down and waited.

Soon enough, the boy came back, brandishing a note. “Me master said yes!”

Alieahsha couldn't resist smiling. “Very good,” she tried to act her role, but it just wouldn't happen. “Wonderful!” she whispered.

Your new time is tonight.”

What?!” Alieahsha's eyes goggled. “Tonight?”

That's the only time, ma'am, I'm sorry.”

Right, tonight it is, then.”

The boy nodded once at her, as if to say 'thanks for doing business', and ran off.

Alieahsha went back towards the house, then she suddenly worried. What if her father found out where she had just gone?

The End

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