A Red Ribbon

Alieahsha tied a red ribbon to the handle of her window, and made sure it was clearly visible from down below, then she sat and waited.

The only problem with her plan was that she didn't know when the person would come to check for the red object, and what time, so she just had to sit and wait for the whole time.

The minutes ticked by. Then hours.

Soon, it was dinner time.

As expected, there was a knocking at her door. Another servant announcing dinner.

Tell father I'll be there in a few moments,” Alieahsha called, and got off her bed. She couldn't take her gaze off the window: she just couldn't let any moment slip by.

No-one. Alieahsha had to take the risk of going down to dinner: she couldn't say she was sick, because someone would surely check on her, and see all her preparations. Then she would have to explain.

She opened the door and once more made her way to the Dining Hall. As usual, her father was already there, waiting for her.

Not late, I see,” commented her father.

I'm never late,” Alieahsha mumbled. She wasn't really in the mood for talking right now: she had more important things to worry about.

She chose a seat at the opposite end of the table, but just to the side, as to avoid her father's gaze.

You may bring in dinner. The meal commences!” her father clapped his hands just like the king did, and smiled at his joke. He tried to catch Alieahsha eye, but she avoided his gaze for the whole meal.

She scoffed down her dinner as quickly as her manners would allow, and made to go up the stairs, but her father stopped her.

Alieahsha,” her father called her back down. “I need to talk to you.”

Not again...

Yes Father?”

I was wondering what was the reason for your downcast mood at the dinner table?”

Oh, it was nothing. But downcast, Father? Surely I wasn't downcast?” she replied in an all-too-cheerful-tone.

Her father watched her. “Alieahsha, I can see right through you. It's not alright, and I can tell. Trust me, I've known you long enough to know.”

Really Father, it's nothing.”

Alieahsha, don't lie to me. I know when something is wrong.”

Alieahsha was becoming frantic now. “Really, Father. Nothing, nothing at all. Please, just let me go.”

With one final look at her, he let her go. “Alright, but tell me if my suspicions are right.”

Alieahsha said nothing but instead ran up the stairs, two at a time.

Something is bothering her, her father thought, but he said nothing.

She burst into her room, hoping to see someone there, looking for something red. But instead she saw a glimpse of a foot running away, and a note tucked under her ribbon. How the person got up there, she did not know, but instead she ran downstairs and out the door. She had to chase that person.

The End

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