I am the Lord Mayor and You Are Not

Alieahsha was back in her room again. This time she was pondering over what her father had said. I am the Lord Mayor and you are not.

She turned the words over and over in her head. She wondered how being the Lord Mayor gave her father any superiority over anyone else. He was a human being, she was a human being. What was the difference?

Suddenly there was a crashing outside her window, and the whole pane of glass smashed. Alieahsha screamed.


A few servants came into her room, but that was it. No father. Her father had abandoned her at a crucial moment.

Calm down, Lady Alieahsha, please,” one of the servants said, attempting to stop her thrashing.

I can't! There's someone out there trying to kill me, and you're telling me to calm down?!”

It's a magical discharge!” one of the servants yelled from the window, then proceeded to yell and shake his fist at one of the young boys playing underneath the windowsill.

See, my lady? Nobody was trying to kill you, your father's wards would warn us about that. It was merely a magical discharge. We will get the window fixed as soon as possible, my lady.”

Alieahsha sighed. She wondered why she thought everyone was always trying to kill her. This wasn't the first time. But it always turned out to be something else. So the next time she felt something bad was going to happen, she ignored it.

The End

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