Lunch smelled good. It was a mix of beautiful aromas and mouth-watering juices. She liked it.

As she entered the Dining Hall, Alieahsha could tell that most of the servants weren't serving today: after all, it was a Sunday, and Sundays were days of rest.

Her father was already sitting at the table, waiting for her. Because they were so important, they dined like the king, just with less servants on Sundays, unlike the king, who always had the same amount of servants all week round.

Alieahsha,” her father exclaimed upon seeing her entrance, “come sit down next to me, my dear.”

I'd rather not, thought Alieahsha, but she did as her father told her to.

Bring in the entree,” her father said in his deep, commanding voice.

Sometimes she couldn't help but be proud of her father, in a daughterly type of way.

Upon hearing the Lord Mayor's booming voice, the servants all scurried out towards the kitchens.

They were left alone.

What's for lunch?” Alieahsha asked, hoping to make conversation. It was awkward silences like this that made Alieahsha jumpy.

Something,” her father grunted. “Something I hope you'll like. Something your mother used to love very much.”

Alieahsha stared at her father. He had brought up her mother. “Don't talk about mother.”

Her father stared back at her. The regal act dropped. He looked as sad as Alieahsha. “Sometimes, my dear, we must be over the past. Things which have happened and gone by. Please, Alieahsha, you must understand. It will do no good to cry over something which has been.”

And it will do no good to just skip over matters like that! Do you have any respect?” Alieahsha yelled at her father.

This is not about respect! Who are you to be telling me about respect? You have no right!” her father was getting angry too.

So you want to talk about rights, now, father? Why do you have any more right than me?” Alieahsha yelled.

Because I am the Lord Mayor, and you are not,” replied her father softly. That made her quiet.

Just at that moment, the servants decided to bring in the entree. It was set in front of them upon silver platters, and silver cutlery was placed beside their plates.

You may eat,” said her father calmly, and Alieahsha ate, not once looking at her father through lunch.

The End

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