Empty Hallways

Alieahsha sat in her beautiful room. She was the only child of Lord Mayor Boulevard, and she was lonely.

There weren't even any servants to keep her company, because her father had wanted her to be an independent girl who was able to make her own decisions, and no maids or servants were allowed to help her decide anything. Not even what she should wear, and because of that she often got scolded on 'inadequate dress', and would be sent up there again and again until she was wearing what her father deemed 'appropriate dress'.

Alieahsha sighed. She looked around at the fancy paintings in her room, and all the pretty ornaments and miscellaneous objects that lay scattered about. She picked up the doll from beside her pillow. It was the doll that her mother had given her, and she never wanted to lose it. Ever.

The thought of her mother brought tears to her eyes. That doll was the only thing reminding Alieahsha of her. Without it, she would even forget what her mother's face looked like. She fingered the huge smile that she had sewn on there when she was little, and the long, flowing hair that her mother had put on the doll so that it would look like Alieahsha.

Knock, knock.

Alieahsha looked up. No doubt a servant telling her that lunch was ready.

Yes?” she called, already standing up.

Lunch is ready, ma'am.”

Tell Father I'll be there in a moment,” Alieahsha said, smoothing down all the creases in her dress. Only when she heard the servant's footsteps downstairs did she open the door to go out.

The cold, silent hallways were deserted, and Alieahsha knew all the servants were downstairs somewhere. Anyway, it was highly unlikely that anyone would be upstairs, because the only respectable people living in the house were Alieahsha and her father.

Her footsteps echoed along the long, narrow hallway, and Alieahsha quickly went down the stairs as fast as she could to escape the empty, eerie hallways.

The End

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