Alieasha is the heir to the Lord Mayor of Uirda, the capital city of Erabono. The position holds the highest power in the country, because the king has become old and lazy and most of his country is neglected.
So Alieasha must be protected at all costs.

The world around me twisted and turned as I fell through the tunnel. I was plummeting through space and time: or so I thought.

Ten years later
Alieahsha Boulevard was a happy girl. She never complained about anything to her parents, and she always was kind-natured and good-hearted with the best intentions in mind.
It was ten years after she had met that odd-looking travelling magician. He was a phoney. She had actually believed him when he locked her in a cupboard and let her fall. And fall and fall and fall.
Half an hour after it Alieahsha's father had come looking for her, and the magician had gotten into big, big trouble.
You see, Alieahsha's father was Lord Mayor of Uirda, the capital city of Erabono. And Alieahsha was his heir.

The End

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