Chapter #2


Fitting in wasn't quite as hard as I had first anticipated. People here mainly kept to their groups of friends, meaning I wasn't bombarded constantly. Now, I was bombarded quite a lot, but still a lot better than I had been expecting. The past three weeks I'd been focusing on school and nothing else. I lived and breathed my homework, essays, and tests. I was doing fabulous academically, as always, and as always my mom found it amusing. She described herself as 'flamboyant' whilst she was in high school, not a 'care in the world.' Of course, she and I were completely different people. She was bubbly, I was pragmatic, she was idealistic, I was realistic, she loved people, I (for the most part anyways) hated people. We were opposites, in nearly every form of the word.

"Mom, you're going to miss your flight." I grumbled, sitting at the kitchen table, eating my cereal. She continued fluttering around the room, looking for an earring she 'misplaced'

"Mom, I'm serious, you are going to miss your flight over a stupid earring, go!" I spoke up a bit louder, her absentmindedness getting on my very last nerve.

"Oh! That’s right, it’s on the patio!" She exclaimed to herself, hurrying outside and back in with enough speed to make me sick. How, or why anyone would want to move that fast was completely beyond me.

"Bye sweetie, the keys are on th-" I hugged her, cutting her off.

"The counter, the money is on the dining room table and the number to your hotel is on the refrigerator, yes Mom, I know." She giggled, hugging me back as she scurried out of the room. Peace filled the home, rid of the chaotic energy she brought with her no matter where she went. Grabbing my backpack, I slung it over my shoulder, also swiping the keys from the counter as I made my way to prison. Er, school.

The day dragged on as always as I traveled from class to class, never anything new or exciting going on. Except the daily dose of drama I received from Jenny Murray, a junior with a big mouth. She was a little red headed thing, shorter than me, with big brown eyes and gorgeous white teeth. No doubt she was pretty, but it was quite clear that she practically repelled boys with her constant rumor spreading and gossip. She made an effort to be my friend, though generally I ignored her. Usually I tried to put on a smile and be nice, but today I really wasn't in the mood for the high pitched squealing that her vocal cords created. Especially when they had anything to do with Trace Ashcroft, Leo Holmes, or Andrew Hille.

Within two weeks of attending school here, I learned that Trace was the dark haired guy I'd bumped into on my first day, and Leo, his companion, was his best friend. They were untouchable, no girls even bothered. Leo was the main catch. Girls swooned over him, mostly because he talked to them. Trace would smile and be polite, but he never really showed any genuine interest. I'd seen it on a few occasions. They sat at a table on their own, and were constantly smiling and joking about something.

Then there was Andrew, the quarterback of the football team. He had simple brown hair, simple blue eyes, with a nice body and a nice smile. He wasn't anything compared to the 'untouchables' as the girls referred to Trace and Leo, but he was far from being bad looking. Girls swooned over him, almost even more, simply because they knew they had a chance. Or at least, some of them did anyways.

Seating myself at my usual table, I sighed, looking around the cafeteria. Everyone was so loud, it nearly killed me. It was worse than being around my mom, and that was saying something. As I was about to begin eating, I noticed something, something I definitely had not been expecting. A pair of dark eyes studying me closely. I couldn't help myself, the more you looked at him, the more amazingly good looking he got. His skin was slightly pale, but with a golden undertone, and his face was completely proportionate. As I analyzed his beauty, a small smile settled onto his face. It appeared...satisfied, and it made me self conscious. It was like he could hear what I was thinking. Quickly looking down at my food, I shut everyone out for the next ten minutes, only looking up once. In that one look, I saw an array of emotion on both Trace's and Leo's faces. Confusion, worry, fear, and intrigue, however, to my great surprise and discomfort each and every feeling plastered across their beautiful faces seemed to be aimed at none other than me.

Saturday rolled around and mom still hadn't come home. It didn't surprise me, usually she was a day later than she told me. Something always seemed to come up. It didn't bother me anymore though, in fact, I reveled in the time I had on my own. My dad had called about three times asking me to come visit him, but he didn't badger me. He knew if I wanted to, I'd be there. It'd been nine years since the last time I saw him, and easing back into a relationship would be just plain uncomfortable. I avoided anything that even resembled discomfort at all costs. Therefore, rekindling things with my father just got pushed further and further down on the priority list.

Sliding out of bed I found my way downstairs, two hundred bucks still left on the dining room table, untouched. Usually I didn't use it, unless we were completely and totally out of food, but today the house was suffocating me. Besides, I needed to get a new pair of jeans, and not to mention get to know my new home. Walking into the kitchen I made myself my usual bowl of cereal, sitting at the breakfast table and eating quietly. The thought occurred to me that my mom would absolutely despise the silence that filled the room. And she'd also probably be pushing me to go shopping with some friends not 'all lonely and by yourself.' She honestly could not understand who I was. Then again, I couldn't wrap my mind around who she was either, so putting all the blame on her would be hypocritical.

Finishing my food, I rinsed out my bowl and put it in the dishwasher, wiping up the water droplets I'd left behind. Walking upstairs slowly, I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and threw on a pair of jeans and a light long sleeve, royal blue shirt. It was one of the sunny days, which meant the actually temperature was probably around seventy degrees. Making my way downstairs I swiped the money from the table, putting it into my wallet and slinging my hardly used purse over my shoulder. Grabbing the keys off the counter I found my way outside, opening the car door and sliding in. I'd heard of a so called 'town square' which I assumed to have restaurants and stores, and began heading in that direction.

It took me ten minutes to find the shopping center, and five to realize that this place was beyond tiny. Sighing, I parked, getting out of the car and walking towards the first store that caught my eye. Della's 5 & 10, whatever that meant. Opening the door, I glanced around the place, grimacing a bit upon realizing this was a store. At least that's who the clothing was aimed at. Turning around, I left as quickly as I had come, searching for any signs of a chain store I knew. Target? American Eagle? Hell I'd have even settled for Abercrombie! But no, every store was a small business, basically leaving me with no idea on Earth where to go for my jeans. It was ridiculous, I had spent nearly an hour and a half looking, and so far all I'd found was a 'new age' store titled Kaleidoscope, an Alpaca store which sold sweaters and yarn, and a bunch of other obscure places which didn't carry one of the most basic clothing items. Blue jeans.

It was getting close to one, and by this time, the streets were pretty crowded with high school kids. I hadn't been counting on this place being the 'teen hang out' but it actually made sense. Tiny town, hardly any people, you're on an island, what the hell can you do on a Saturday in September? Shop, chat, and flirt shamelessly while walking up and down the same streets over and over again.

Groaning inwardly as I spotted Jenny, I ducked into the nearest restaurant, Pilot House. It was a pretty big place, and fairly crowded. The blonde hostess smiled at me far too cheerfully, rising about two inches above me. Fake tan, fake hair, fake nails. Why was everyone so fake here?

"Waiting for someone?" She asked me, her voice a bit too high pitched to be natural.

"Um no, just a table for one please." I replied, catching the flicker of surprise that crossed her face. Apparently it was a crime to eat alone here?

"Oh...of course, right this way!" She spoke cheerfully once more, grabbing a menu and practically bounding over to a two person table facing a window. Perfect. I liked a good view.

"Your server will be right with you" And with that, blondie was out of my hair. Setting my purse on the ground I leaned back into my seat, allowing myself to get comfortable. You know those people you see eating by themselves? And you always feel bad for them because they must be lonely? Yeah, well, save your pity for another girl, being alone was much more enjoyable than strained conversation with someone that I most likely couldn't relate to at all. Solitude was my norm, my comfort zone, and what I enjoyed best. Why was being social so inherently important to most humans? There was probably just a glitch in my brain, something that was just the slightest bit off. That would account for all of my 'strange' characteristics, as my mother oh so bluntly stated.

"Hey I'm Leo, how can I help y-" I turned my head to face my waiter, wondering what the pause in his speech was about. You can imagine that I was a bit surprised to see Leo Holmes standing before me in blue jeans, a white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and a pad and pen in his large hands.

"Evelyn, right? I don't think we've ever been properly introduced." He quickly finished, smiling that dazzling smile. He didn't make me feel woozy, but it was difficult not to concentrate on his perfect features. The thought reminded me of the incident in the cafeteria, the feeling of intrusion, like I was being listened to without my consent, the expressions on their faces when I completely blocked out any awareness of anything around me, and now that inkling I got that I was being intruded upon again. Grimacing slightly, only then did I notice his hand outstretched to shake mine. Eh. Sure he was practically a god, but touching people really wasn't my thing. Especially people I didn't know.

"Uh yeah, nice to meet you Leo. I'd like a coke please." I spoke quickly, ignoring his hand, forcing him to awkwardly let it fall to his side. He was obviously a bit confused, perhaps he'd never encountered a girl who didn't melt at the very sight of him? Not to say he wasn't extremely nice to look at, but really, I had no idea who this guy even was, shaking hands just felt...wrong.

"Alright, coming right up." He replied, a simple smile settling onto his face. That same satisfied smile that had spread across Trace's face that day in the cafeteria. My stomach flipped and churned, and I quickly sank lower into my seat, the lowest I could possibly get, and focused on anything but Leo and Trace. They were strangely beautiful, no doubt about that, but I was being paranoid about the whole thing.

"Ey Leo, employee discount?" I heard a melodic, wonderfully rich voice fill the slightly empty part of the restaurant I was sitting in. I didn't have to look up to know who it was. Fabulous. The untouchables were the absolute last thing I wanted to think about. My brain went into a frenzy just trying to figure out why my brain went into a frenzy in the first place! Sighing, I grumbled when Leo came over to my table, setting my coke down. Of course this drew Trace closer to me, as he argued about something with his blonde haired best friend. It seemed all in good fun, but honestly, did they have to do it right there?

"Man, I honestly cannot keep giving you the discounts, its killing my credits!" Leo exclaimed, or at least it felt like it to me. No one else in the restaurant even seemed to notice their exchange.

"Come on, just one more time, I'm starving, are you going to let your best friend starve?" Trace asked, a hint of a smirk twitching in the corner of his lips. He apparently knew he had won. Leo stood for a moment, his face contorting into a grimace, glower, and finally a smile. A beautiful smile. Not as beautiful as the simper of victory on Trace's perfect face, of course.

"Alright, alright, find a table and I'll get you a menu." Leo sighed, though apparently noticed I was waiting for my order to be taken.

"Oh! I'm sorry, blame it on Trace, he's such a pest." He grumbled, smiling playfully. I didn't return the smile, but I didn't have the heart to be rude, so I merely nodded my head a bit in acknowledgement.

"Alright what can I get for you?" He asked, not noticing the fact that Trace was smiling like a child who had stolen a cookie from the high security cookie jar.

"Just the burger." I mumbled, watching him scribble it down, smile, and run off to the kitchen. For someone so...big he moved extremely gracefully. It boggled my mind. I stared after him for awhile, my brows pulling themselves towards each other, a confused expression forming on my face.

"He was in ballet 'till he was about fourteen, don't tell him I told you though." Jumping a little, I spun my body back around so I was facing forward in my chair. Trace had apparently taken the liberty to join me.

"Oh" That was all I said, crossing my arms in front of my chest uncomfortably. He made me feel so uneasy it was insane. Like that, how in the heck did he know that was what baffled me? It didn't make any sense.

"I'm Tr-" He spoke, but I cut him off, I had a bad habit of interrupting people. Especially when they stated the obvious.

"Yeah yeah, Trace Ashcroft, I know. Everyone knows who you are." I paused, taking a sip of my coke "At least the entire female population" I added under my breath, not meeting his gaze. By the amused shifting in his seat, I figured he'd heard me.

"Alright, well, I don't know who you are, mind introducing yourself?" He asked casually, causing another wave of confusion to hit me. Since when did the untouchable Trace Ashcroft show any interest in anyone except his buddy Leo? Looking up at him, my face fell into a tight frown.

"Evelyn Monroe." I said flatly, not acting quickly enough to turn my gaze away from him. He looked like he had been painted by the most gifted artist in the entire world. Scratch that, the entire universe. But that wasn't what got me. There was something about him I couldn't put my finger on. It wasn't the murky eyes, the ebony hair, or the wide, beautiful bone structure. It wasn't his height, or the toned muscles rippling beneath his clothes. There was something else about him and about Leo as well, something about the both of them that seemed simply...unnatural.

The longer I looked at Trace, the more I started feeling a familiarity with the unnatural beauty and aura that radiated around him. The more I began to feel like I'd encountered it before. Deja vu. Like a dream almost, barely even coherent, but none the less there, still lingering on. Suddenly, it hit me, like a lightning bolt through my entire body. I had seen someone like him before. Someone like them. He had black hair, bright hazel eyes, and creamy alabaster skin. He lived on the northern side of the island, and I hadn't seen him in nine years. I more than just knew him, I was related to him.

The End

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