Chapter #1


It's never nice moving to a new town. Especially for someone like me. An introverted high school senior who hardly had friends back in Houston, Texas, a huge city with an abundant amount of opportunities. My feet settled onto the concrete, the wet air whipping at my skin. Cape May, New Jersey, an island more or less. It was tiny, with an even tinier population. Something around three thousand. Back where I came from, there was four million. My Dad lived here, somewhere on the North side of the peninsula, according to my Mom it was coincidence, but there was something too convenient about it for me to agree. My Mom was a successful sculptor, and apparently the market here was great for business owners, despite the economy being shot. She was always off doing shows and what not, and ever since my sixteenth birthday, I was more often than not left fending for myself. She left the car, she left me money, it all worked out. Besides, I preferred being alone anyways.

I pulled up in a taxi, our blue Honda element tucked neatly into the driveway. My Mom had driven up here a few days ago, along with the moving truck, I'd traveled alone. Paying the cab driver, I hopped outside, gasping at the cold air as I quickly heaved open the trunk. Tugging my suitcase out as fast as my petite, freezing body would allow, I hurried up onto our property. Our new home was white, with cream shudders, and empty flower boxes outside each window. Two chairs lined the porch, each wooden and worn enough to look homely. If I had to use one word to describe the place, it'd be quaint.

Sighing heavily, I banged on the door, listening as the lock slowly clicked. My Mother, Angela Wycryn was standing in the doorway, with chocolate brown hair and chilling blue eyes, towering above me at five foot eight. We were nearly mirror images of each other, minus her golden skin tone and long legs that left me jealous. It was terrible having a Mother who could have easily been a super model. Especially one who preferred to be without your company than with it. She was still going through her partier years, something I'd realized long, long ago.

By the next week we were unpacked, my Mother's frenetic energy allowing her to get jobs done in half the time normal people would spend on them. School started tomorrow. Lower Cape May Regional High School. If attending was as hard as saying the name, I'd certainly fail miserably. It was early September, and though the weather here wasn't as cold as some places, the wet, ocean breeze was nearly unbearable at times. How anyone could live here year round was beyond me. Luckily I'd be gone by next Summer, off on my own adventures, somewhere hot and dry.

Morning caused my alarm clock to begin screaming like a banshee. Groaning I hurriedly showered, brushed my teeth, got dressed and ate breakfast. Grabbing the keys off the counter, me and Mom exchanged soft smiles as I slid into the car, backed out and sped off. I was already late. Wonderful. Sighing heavily I pressed the pedal down a little further, accelerating until I reached the speed limit. This place was tiny, navigating it was far too easy. It took me ten minutes to get to the school. On a regular day, it'd take me five. Hopping out of the car, I grabbed my bag and raced inside as the bell went off, gasping for air by the time I reached the front desk. I wasn't exactly...athletically gifted.

"Oh you must be the new girl! Evelyn Monroe, correct?" The woman at the front desk asked me, her large cheeks making her eyes look tiny as she beamed at me. Fake. That’s the only word I could think of while looking at her. Fake happiness, fake smiles, fake...everything.

"Yes ma'am, sorry I'm late...I got a little lost." I fibbed quickly, flashing her a fake smile to match the one spread across her own face.

"Well here's your schedule, the campus rules, and a map." She replied, the practiced happiness never fading. Glancing at her name tag subtly I nodded, taking the packet into my small hand.

"Thank you Mrs. Jones" And with that I left, fighting my way down the hallway and into first period, which just so happened to be English. My favorite class. All school sucked, but English wasn't completely miserable. Hurrying quickly to the back of the class, I sat down, desperately hoping the teacher wouldn't notice that I was the new girl. I'd rather people not know my name.

"Class, welcome our new student, Evelyn Monroe." The man with salt and peppered hued hair said, sitting on the edge of his desk casually. Biting my lower lip, I sank a bit further into my seat as I received unamused glances, smiles, and a couple waves and mouthed hello's. I wasn't quick enough to wave back. They all turned around as quickly as it had happened, and class began.

The bell rang, and by the time I was out of my chair, there was chatter so loud I could hardly hear myself think. It was obvious they had all known each other since birth. The way they talked to each other was on a comfort level that stretched beyond normal teenage communication. I was definitely the odd one out. But, I didn't mind so much, at least no one seemed to notice me. My goal was to get through the school year and get the hell out. High School was retarded, and it didn't take a genius to figure that out.

The hallways were crowded, but there were only around one thousand students. One thousand students was our graduating class last year back at home in Texas, so this was really nothing. I was short, about 5'3" so I was used to getting run over. However, the energy of this place was something I was unaccustomed to. A few jocks it appeared ran through the hallway yelling, everyone else dodging them with ease of experience, I on the other hand did not. Without any notice, I found myself flying forwards, hitting something that felt like a brick wall. It was so hard it knocked the breath out of me and left me in a bit of pain. Groaning, I opened my eyes, only to realize it was a boy, not a row of lockers.

He was about a full foot taller than me, with slightly messy, very, very dark hair. He had wide bone structure, his cheek bones defined and his lips thin set. However, it was his eyes that left me confused. They weren't dark enough to be black, but they weren't quite blue. Excessively murky, so much so that I couldn't quite decide if they were black or blue at all. All of this analyzing happened within a space of a second as I quickly pulled myself away.

He was good looking, that was evident, but it wasn't until he smiled a little and started walking away that I noticed something different about him. Him and his companion, who I had been oblivious to previously. They were subtly beautiful. Too beautiful. It wasn't one of those things that stuck out, it just grew. The longer I looked, the more apparent it became. They were almost perfect. The other boy was about the raven haired one's height, but his skin was a bit tanner. His eyes were a dark chocolate brown, and his hair a rich golden color. Nothing extremely striking. And yet the longer I looked the more hypnotized I became.

No one else seemed fazed by it, so why was it so...obvious to me? Maybe I was imagining things. Quickly brushing thoughts of them away, I ran off to my next class, glowering when I realized I'd be late...again.

The End

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