Equinox follows a seventeen year old young woman who falls into a world she had no idea existed. Along the way she becomes entangled between two different kinds of loves, learns more about who she is, and battles for her very life.


Its a funny feeling not knowing whether you're alive or dead. The strangest thing I've ever experienced. Everything is black, no images or colors, noises are blurred and warped. I'm completely alone. Alone to think. Alone to ponder. Alone to choose. When you're at a fork in the road, and neither direction is more appealing than the other, how do you decide?

It’s not so simple in my case. Either way I'm breaking a heart, and either way my life will change drastically. There is no easy way out. I'm at an impasse. My heart and soul simply refuse to make the choice that is evident and imperative. The impossible choice between two loves. Two different kinds of love. Two different boys. Two different lifestyles. Two different futures. And when you're merely seventeen years old, deciding your future isn't exactly something you've prepared yourself for.

However when you're balancing on the brink of death, barely holding onto life, everything becomes a bit more surreal than before; nearly trivial. Because what does a decision matter, if in the end your heart isn't even beating? If you're no longer connected to the physical world?

Perhaps I should simply focus on living first. Or even possibly, dying?

The End

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