Equilibrium-A tale of three halves

*This was a story i wrote a few years ago for GCHSE English and my writing style and technique has improved and changed since i wrote this, i have meaning to come back to this and clean it up but i am yet to do so, i just joined and this was to hand-Ps Sorry for the cheese, i was quite young when i wrote this*
The mortal realm is in mortal danger when extradimensional forces start to invade; but they do not know that there search for conquest will lead to their own destruction as well as every

Looking over the valley before me, it seemed so tranquil. A small river gushed down the hillside to my right, squirrels darted from tree trying to store nuts for the upcoming winter, the trees swayed in the wind, and the sunset; nothing beats watching the sun go down over Faelmore valley. I loved this time of year. Everything was so beautiful; even that godforsaken city, Meerenth , seemed almost alive with colour, waves of red lapping down the grime-infested streets, brilliant shafts of white light lancing dilapidated buildings. If only I had warned my self, go back there now, not to enjoy the view, but to warn myself, “Calvyn! Take care, this is the last peaceful moment you will ever have, the decisions you are going to make in the next few days will affect not only you are life, they will affect the whole of Faelmore valley and beyond, into the continent.” 

As I was looking over the clouds, I saw something. Something unusual. It was a bright, glowing, orb several metres across, heading straight towards my forest.

I suppose by now you think I’m some work-shy farmhand skipping manual labour in favour of pretty clouds, You would be wrong. I am Calvyn, protector of the Faelmore valley woodlands. Every 300 years a challenge goes out to the villages to send out some of their best warriors to take the challenge for the honoured status of forest guardian. I was nine years old at the time and I had dreamed of the title for as long as I could remember. My parents had predicted this and put me under strict curfew to make sure I didn’t sneak off to watch the challenges. Well, I did more than that! One night I crept out of the house and hid in a hay wagon which was going to the challenges. There is no rule for the minimum age but people were surprised that a nine year old boy managed to travel twenty or so miles in the middle of the night. I had never really expected to win, but as I stepped up to meet the current guardian, every one went quiet. He handed me the fabled sword of Faelmore, forged several thousand years ago during the Great Elemental Battle. It did what no one expected. It changed its shape for me. The blade can change its shape depending on the situation the guardian is in, but it will always revert to the shape it first transformed to when the guardian was handed the blade. Me being nine years old, the blade decided that the most fitting form for me was a steak knife. There I was, standing in front of thousands of people. Everyone had their jaw hanging limply from their heads. I could see a mixture of anger and joy in the guardian’s face, joy that the new guardian had been found, but... The natural form of a guardians blade was something to be proud of. Along with there names the shape of their swords was noted down with pride; the one before had a rapier, the one before that had a large falchion, the one before him had a large broadsword. The list goes on and on, but now the latest forest guardian was the proud owner of the world’s most powerful steak knife.

The light was incredibly bright and was heading straight for the centre of the forest, “Wolves!”. A pack of wolves bounded out of the forest. I ran up to the largest one, grabbed him by his mane and swung my self onto his back, “Thadius, run like you are running from the gates of hell!” The forest lit up. A blast of air so strong it ripped the smaller animals out the trees, ricocheted around the forest. Thadius doggedly ran through the chaos. The light died and we came across a clearing. The trees were ripped out at their roots and thrown backwards, and there was crater. A crater such as I had never seen, a crater so deep that you could not see the bottom.  “Thadius, wait here”. He nodded and ran off to check on his pack. I drew my steak knife, I had not yet learned how to temporarily morph its shape but I had been taught how to multiply its size; even so, I cannot imagine that a four foot long steak knife looks particularly threatening. “Friend  or foe?”. No reply. “Show you are self or else!”

“or else what? Will you carve me up with you steak knife?”. The voice sounded feminine and had a lyrical quality to it, but more importantly I had forgotten to extend my blade. “Grow!” .The blade extended to the relative size of a broad sword. Who ever was in the crater started to laugh, a lot. “Fear me not, guardian. I am an angelic creature, I will not harm you, and I didn’t mean to harm you are forest”. A small woman crawled out of the crater; she was wearing pale blue robes and had a small gold circlet on her head; two huge golden white wings sprouted out of her back, undeniably an angel.

 “Ok so you are an angel, why are you here on earth?”

 “These are troubled times young warrior. The legions of hell are rising. Evil is overtaking this gentle land, you can see the lords increasing their taxes and taking more land. You can see the king, a once fair and noble ruler, being corrupted. Just look at his newest city not a few miles from here. If something is not done soon the whole world is doomed. Not just from the evil which is spreading, as I guardian I can trust you but I still have to make you take an oath”

 “An oath?”

 “I am going to tell you the best kept secret”

 “I swore at my induction ceremony to uphold the forces of justice and of good, and to help the people in any way I can. I will swear again, and a thousand times more, if it means I can save my people”

“It is reassuring to have such loyal warriors, here give me you sword arm”

 I extended my arm, she placed her palm on my shoulder, “Excuse me for asking but I cannot keep calling you angel, what is you are name?”

 “My name? My name is Areinith, you ares?”

 “Calvyn, now what oath must I take?”

 “Just swear to stop the forces of evil”. I paused in thought about what to say then in my most authoritarian voice.

 “I Calvyn the protector of the Faelmore forests, swear to protect the people from evil and injustice, and to help the angelic’s defend this land from the demonic hordes”. Some form of pentacle glowed brightly on my arm where Areinith was holding it. “What is that?”

 “An angelic seal. It will hold you to the promise you have made. Now as I was saying there is an even greater danger if the demons take over this land. The whole universe is in a equilibrium. All good and evil are balanced out on a fine scale. If too much good or too much evil is in the universe at one time, the whole thing will destabilise and crash in on its self”

“And you didn’t think to tell them this why?”

“Calvyn knowledge is power. We cannot let them get the upper hand”

“So its knowledge against brawn?”

“That’s where you come in”

 “So you’re telling me you want me to go off and defeat the demonic hordes single handily, whilst you sit around reading books?”

“Well not exactly. That’s where I come in. I’m here to help you, everybody else sits around reading books”

“Great, so how exactly do we save the world?”

“long story, I think you might need to sit down for it”


On the way back to my small hut Areinith said nothing. She just sat back and looked around with passive interest. “Areinith were almost there, you might want to hold on for the next part”. Her query as to why she would have to hold on for the next leg of the journey was interrupted by Thadius jumping off a cliff. The forest was stretched on for an infinity in front of us. The cliff behind us began to shrink, the wind whistled past, a small flock of birds looked curiously at the wolf and his two passengers falling through the air. “Calvyn are you insane!”

“Trust me Areinith I know what I am doing”. And, as promised, as Thadius approached the canopy of trees a large trunk swung round and offered a large leaf. “Calvyn, you are mad. There is no way we are going to land on that thing!”. Thankfully she was wrong, Thadius crashed onto the leaf and the leaf in turn crashed into a large bed of leaves below with a loud thumping noise. “See Areinith, I told you would be all right, any way you have wings”

 “How do you get back up the cliff?”

 “I was wondering if you were going to ask that, its basically the reverse of what just did”

“I don’t believe it , has the entire human race got a lot dumber since I was last here?”

“Are you going to tell me how to save the world or are you just going insult the human race some more?”

“Is there somewhere I can sit down?”

“yeah, as you can see I have a fine selection of tree houses, if you would like to follow me to my kitchen”. Thadius by now had settled down into a large pile of leaves against one tree, “I thought Thadius was a wild wolf?”

“He is, just he’s a goof friend of mine, his pack will make there own way down here in short while, now if you stand on that leaf there”

“I can tell where this is going”

“yeah up”. The leaf sprang catapult style into the air, launching Me and Areinith into my tree house’s very literal landing area. Areinith wasn’t as graceful as I had hoped angelic’s would be, landing head first and sliding into a wall. “I’m starting to regret trying to help you”

“Would you like some tea?”

We were sitting round a large table which was actually a leafy branch growing out of the middle of the floor. I had grown my entire tree house out of several trees; I didn’t kill a single tree. “So how can I save the world?”

 “As I told you before the universe is in a fine balance, heaven one side, hell on the other and earth in the middle, the elements play a vital role in this, the scale is in swirling restless turmoil of primeval energy, energy is solidified onto a wisped away, as you can imagine mostly darkness is formed at the bottom, mostly earth in the middle, and mostly light on the other side”

 “So to much evil in the world, to much dark energy, tips the scales?”

 “Exactly, and it is this dark energy which is spreading throughout the scale towards earth and then onto heaven”

 “This is what causing all the people to turn evil?”

 “you are surprisingly intelligent”

 “you would be surprised, the first few times I tried the landing on the leaf thing I missed, that was painful”

 Areinith tried to suppress a giggle but failed miserably. “As I was saying, all the dark energy is displacing the other elements, but it is not through the normal methods which would result in the energy being released back into the void, this way the elemental energy is just floating about”

 “And how does this help me?”

 “Because it is just floating about it is much easer to harness it, meaning that it would be very easy for someone, or something, to harness it and use it for good or evil, which has to be for good, sadly there are numerous people driven by the darkness to this for them selves, for evil”.

“So you want me to kill all these people, take over their share of the elemental power, then when I have enough try to destroy the darkness?”.


 “This isn’t going to be easy”

 “no it is no, but we, and I mean we, I’m here to help you, must start as soon as possible, and we cant tell anyone, if they know we are coming then we stand even less of a chance of winning, were going to have to leave you are master behind”. I felt sad that I would be away from my master for some time, I liked him, although he never truly forgave me for turning the sword of the ancients into a steak knife, could have been worse, could have been a butter knife,

“He will understand that if I had to leave that urgently it will be for something of the utmost importance”

“Then pack you are bags Calvyn were going to save the world”.

It took me about an hour to pack my bags, I had to put carry bags on Thadius and his pack, his pack had to come to, it would have been to cruel to separate them. “So Areinith do you have any idea as to where  we are headed?”

 “Any elemental magician naturally draws the energy towards them in a cloud, the bigger the cloud the stronger he/she/it is”

 “What possible its could be capable of magic?”

“Hopefully we wont have to find out”

 “you ready Areinith?”

“I don’t have much to pack do I?”

 “Good point, which way we headed then?”

 “The way the wind blows”

The way the wind blows

We had been riding for three days, Areinith said were we were very close, the wind did seem to be picking up around here,

 “So Areinith aren’t you going to teach anything new to defend my self? I mean I’m only partly through my apprenticeship and I don’t know how to morph my blade yet”

 “Ill teach you some tricks when you defeat this guy”

 “What happened to we?”

“you said you needed some training, so, here you go”

 “Thank you, so much”

 “He is just ahead in that cottage”

“Stay here, ill sort him out then”. I jumped off Thadius and ran to the cottage drawing my steak knife, I paused to think of the best solution the problem, the cottage was set on the edge of a forest, “Grow!”. A large tree sprouted through the middle of the cottage, its branches lanced out smashing into the walls into dust, “That should sort him”. This statement was a little bold considering that an elderly man was floating several feet above the cottage glaring at me. “And old man? What kind of a challenge is that!”. I enlarged my sword and charged at the old man. He was very nimble for his age, he was floating several feet of the ground just out of sword reach and I had to launch my self of a tree to get to him, he would move slightly to one side and I would end up lodging my sword in the ground, I soon got fed up with this and decided a new tactic, “Squirrels!”. The old man looked confused, then laughed, “You think that old look behind you trick is going to work on me?” he rasped. The moment the last word left his lips several hundred squirrels jumped from the trees and with a wild fury began to bite and scratch the old man, “There you go old man, now either you surrender or ill call a wild bear on you”. He put on a face of deep thought as much as someone being attacked by squirrels could possibly do so, “All right! all right! I give in just get these dam squirrels off me!”. I dutifully obliged, and the old man scuttled off as fast as his arthritic hip would let him. “There you go Areinith, that wasn’t to hard,  can we begin training now?”

“yes, you certainly seem eager enough”

We had set up camp. The sun was setting. rose tinted shafts of light speared the ground and cast an amber shade. We had a nice fire started and we were about to begin our training.  “Close you are eyes, find isolate it, draw it out”. I concentrated as hard as I could. My face was turning blue. Then something happened: something not very good at all and something very embarrassing indeed. As I searched I found something, a small glimmer of power. I grabbed, and pulled as hard as I can. The power was rather misdirected as I farted; not just any old fart; a fart Lucifer would have applauded; a fart which echoed through the forest like a clap of thunder; a fart which swirled the leaves in a mighty whirlwind and sent the birds scattering to four corners of the globe. Areinith, in an amazing feat of dexterity, managed to cough, blush, look dumbfounded and hold her breath at the same time. There was a long silence which only ended when Areinith was blue in the face, “So thank you, Areinith, for teaching me the secrets of the demonic fart. I think I will call it a night to think up some practical way of using the demonic fart technique”. Areinith was a little bit shocked, deaf in one ear and plastered with leaves, she decided it would be best to re-light the fire before going to bed.

We rose early, just as the sun was taking hold of the sky, “Apart from extreme leaf clearing and winning a bet at a tavern I can not think of practical application of the demon fart”

“Calvyn do you really have to keep calling it that?”

“until you can up with a better name for it yes, so what next? Dragon cough? Boulder sneezing?”

“no I’m going to take you to a proper elemental sorcerer to try and teach you some proper magic”

“Where do you get all this from Areinith?”. She pointed up to the sky and then walked away.

It was about midday when we reached the town. It was a city really; small stone walls, big wooden gate. Areinith, just as a good guardian angel should, dumped me with several complete strangers. The alchemist’s guild loomed ahead of me. several loud bangs could be heard from within, not very helpful considering my problem. I was lead inside and they put me in plain room with some bread and cheese to eat. It was a plain wooden room, a bed, a small row of shelves with books on them. After a while an elderly man walked in,“now Calvyn I have heard you are having some problems with you are wind magic?”

“Wind magic it is indeed sir, let me demonstrate to you”. I got up, faced him, turned around, bent over, “What exactly are?”. His sentence was caught short but an almighty blast of air, the door rattled, the books fell of the shelf, the windows flapped about helplessly. The sorcerer looked stunned, “We have a slight problem master Calvyn, once the outlet of you are magic has been selected it is impossible to change it”

“Meaning that all my air magic, I’m going to have to fart it?”

“umm, well, yes sadly”. I was disheartened to say the least. I looked down at my steak knife. I glanced at my posterior. I really had the duff lot In life. and I’m meant to save the universe?

Areinith eagerly awaited me outside,”Well did you learn anything?”

“Well Areinith I have some good news and some bad news, good news is that I’m twice as powerful”

“That’s great Calvyn but where does the bad news come into it?”

“I still have to fart it and I all ways will do”. I decided to give Areinith a taste of her own medicine and I walked off towards the city gate.

We were riding through the forest, trees swayed above us, it was very tranquil but, something was nagging at me, “Areinith, you say were meant to be the savours of this world, but why me? I have a giant steak knife and a wind problem, and as for you in the few weeks we have been travelling together I have never seen you fight, not once. I may have my wolves with me but I don’t think that we are going to make it, this just seems like one big folly, Thadius and his pack are clearly weary of the journey”

“Calvyn, you are sad now, but only someone like you are self can us, the angels will help when help is truly needed. Struggle now and you will be better for it; if you are handed life on a platter you will not be strong enough when the time comes”. Annoyingly she was correct .

The next few days passed without incident, I don’t know how many miles we travelled but; was certainly a long way. I noticed something: as we travelled the vegetation was thinning, the wolves seemed nervous, “Areinith, where are we going?”

“I was wondering when you were going to ask that question Calvyn, we are going to pay a visit to one of the demon lord’s generals”

 “you are joking”

“no Calvyn I am not, this is going to be the best practice for you”

“For me to practice what dying!?”

“listen to me Ca”

no you listen to me! What am I meant to do? Stand up in front of him, fart him  a happy tune and hope he dies laughing?”. I was angry at Areinith, how could she even consider putting me against a general?, “Calvyn it is all in my plan, trust me”

We rode for several days. all flora had gone, the air was thick, and in the distance, the ghastly outline of a castle could be seen. “Thadius, I cannot let you go through this go, take you are pack with you, we will meet you latter”. Thadius was reluctant, but eventually he and his pack headed back to the tree line,  Areinith had a taut look on her face, something was wrong, but what?

It didn’t take us long to reach the borders of the castle, a huge moat lay before us, I could feel a dark presence gently throbbing from within, watching us with great interest. I took a few steps back, and then running as hard as I can, and then with a mighty posterior blast I launched across the acrid moat, how ever stupid it may be the demonic fart had its advantages. I was   standing on a small ledge, clinging onto the sheer rock face of the castle wall, Areinith sighed, when I wasn’t looking had re-grown wings, “So Areinith what do I do now?”

“you wait there so I can go rescue you that’s what!”. It was rather sad that I had to towed up the castle wall, I know flying with an angel is meant to be honour but it still didn’t seem right.

When we got to the top they were waiting for us, and when I say they I mean a personal armies of re-animated skeletons. Despite not having any flesh a steak knife was very effective against them, it wasn’t to much of a problem, most skeletons fell with a well placed swing. Soon the skeletons were dead, bones and assorted weapons lay scattered about the castle top. It was only now I noticed how high up we were, I could see for hundreds of miles, but there was nothing to see, just an arid waste land of orange blood stained ground, clouds swirled gently around the castle. And then he came, or maybe it was more of an it. A loud thudding, like a small earthquake, thud, thud, thud, and he burst out from a stairwell to my left, he was huge, easily 4 times my height, his skin a blotched red, thick armour covered his body, and in his hand he carried a double edged axe easily as tall as I, and now the fight began, a fight which will change my life forever.

I charged as fast as I could and with an almighty blast I launched my self high into the air and swung down upon his head,  he knocked me aside with a casual sweep, he swung, I only just rolled out the way, I managed to strike his thigh but my blade only bounced of his armour, “Foolish human, such a petty sword could not harm me”. His voice was deep and booming, you did not hear it but felt it rumble through you are very bones. “This blade is aeons old, and I have not met a foe I could not kill with it!” I swung at his armour, again and again to no avail, he stood there nonchalantly as if nothing was happening at all. And then a stabbing pain, a pain like I have never felt before, I looked down and, to my horror, looked upon an evil black blade sticking right between my ribs, I had just enough time to look upon the owner of the sword, a simple skeleton, the same one I had so easily slain before, then darkness enveloped me.

Areinith sighed, she knew Calvyn would not be happy about the plan, it was planned and all but Calvyn would not be happy at all. Areinith flew away, the demon general could be heard laughing far away in the distance, lets hope that the next part works as well as the first bid did. Killing Calvyn was the easy part, bringing him back as the best warrior that ever lived is the tricky part.

The light was blinding, even with my eyes closed the light as blinding, I woke up, I was lying on something large white and fluffy, a cloud?, why would I be sitting on a cloud?, “Areinith!”. That’s right Areinith led me to my death! why should she lead me to my death?. “Hello Calvyn, we have been expecting you”. The voice was loud but soft at the same, the sound came from all around me, “Who are you?”

“We are the angels Calvyn, were here to help you”. This was annoying, “Help me? You killed me!”

“look around you, you are in heaven!”

“If I’m up here how can I save the people down there?”. We will send you back, but not as you are, you will be trained, and when you come, you will be strong enough to defeat the forces of evil for sure”

“By the time I train enough the universe would have been destroyed!”

“The universe will be stable for several thousand years, were sorry if we didn’t make that clear, we can train you here, and compared to earth time travels much faster here, 100 years of training here will be the same as 50 on earth”

“you want me to stay up here in luxury while the people are massacred?”

“Its better to save them later rather than later Calvyn”. I could see the logic in their words, if I stay here for a while I could train, I could become better, a true warrior, but how long had Areinith planned my death?, did she think the elemental plan would work out and then changed her mind? Or had she planned my death since me met?. “ok then, angels, what do I have to do save my people?”




The legend rises again

Earth, eons passed, evil spread like a virus, men stood little chance, armies were arranged to fend off the invaders, but none could match the sheer volume and strength of the demon hordes. Fables of angelic warriors were told many times, religions were stretched and shattered as they all prayed for help form the heavens, but none came, until one faithful night when all the prayers were answered, and a lone warrior descend, the last chance of survival for man kind.

The small town of Nocturic, one of the few remaining strong holds against the demon hordes, it was only small, population of a few thousand, but it had defences that would have impressed the fabled cities of old. A group of guards patrolled the walls, it was a full moon, the moon cast a brilliant shine, the sentries were startled by a loud boom. The all looked around nervously, a second boom, “Joed go fetch the general”

“yes sir!”. The young man run across the wall and threw himself down a stairwell. A third boom, this time accompanied by a bright flash, the sentries looked confused, a fourth bang, a louder bang. The general arrived, “What is going on!”. The general was annoyed to be taken away from his game of cards, “Sir there have been several large explosions on the horizons and we don’t what they are, they could be demon attack”

“Sound the alarm, I’m taking any risks, seal the city and close of all gates, prepare the city for war, I’m not taking any chances”

“yes sir!”. Several men disappeared across the wall, soon bells were ringing across the city, the main city gates swung shut with a loud boom.

The horizon was glowing now, it was the middle of the night but the sky was light like day. A large flash, a loud boom, a huge glowing orb crashed down from the clouds. “Joed, that doesn’t look like a demon to me”

“no sir, looks like an angel, sir the angels are coming! We are saved!”

“lets wait and see Joed, the demons are know for there tricks”. The orb crashed into the lake, plumes of steam rose from the surface, the picture of the moon settled back on the lake, calm, a nervous wait, then suddenly a huge explosion, the lake exploded, water rose in great walls and smashed at the shores, a brilliant white streak erupted from the top of the chaos, and in a flash the streak had reached the city walls, “Sir, is that angel holding a giant steak knife?”

“yes Joed, the angels have arrived and they have giant steak knives”.

It was good to be back I can tell you, the angel were right, all that had training had done me good, it had sadden me to see the world to end up like this, but that was why I am here, that is why I trained, I died and I came back to save this world and I’m not going to it again. “Peace friends, I am from the heavens, I am here to save you, take me to you are leader”.

“General there is only one hope, we have to gather as many men as possible and march to their leader, take him out all the others will surely fall, defending of skirmishes will not work, there is a greater force at work here and if we don’t stop the demons now we are all surely dammed”

“you are clearly an angel, but I can hardly take in what  you suggest, taking every man and just storming there stronghold would be a suicide run!”

“I am here to lead you, and in the time of need the angels will help you, please, you must help me to help you are people” it took a while to convince him but I did it, speed was vital.


Two months had passed since my arrival, we had gathered just over twenty thousand men, and we were marching head on into the demons lair, one more week and we would be right at the heart of the empire, to end the invasion once and for all. One more week, as we marched more and more people joined us, we would have numbers, but they sadly would only be a distraction, it would be my task to make it to the leader and slay him, now I understood why Areinith had to lead me to my death, to save my people, only, these men wont come back.

We were looking at the castles great black walls, you could barley see the topmost towers through the dire clouds, last time I tried this, I died, but I wont this time, I wont. “Charge!”. Thirty five thousand odd men surged forward, a huge mass of flesh and steel, desperately attacking a far superior enemy. I flew as fast as I can, huge flaming balls screamed past me I dodged them easily, batting back a few for good measure, one smashed straight into a mages tower, it disintegrated into a pile of rubble, I knew where I was going, his aurora could bee seen from miles away, he was watching over the humans attack the base of the castle with cold impassion of life and death.

He was waiting for me, as I flew through open window, he was just looking at me, then, he spoke. “Calvyn I have been waiting for you, it took you a long time to get here”. His voice was deep, so deep you could see pictures on the wall vibrate when he spoke, “I don’t have time to talk, I have millions of people counting on me”. I launched a holy bolt at him, he swung it aside easily, “you are angelic powers are primitive, there useless against me”. To my surprise he launched forward, thinking it was an attack I raised my sword and slashed at him as he came towards me, to my surprise he did block it, my blade sunk into left arm and he crumpled on the floor near me. I looked up to see a large smoking hole in the back of his throne, and there I saw Areinith, palm extended towards the hole, “Areinith! Its so good to see you again!”

“Keep you are mind on the battle child!”. The lord lunged at me, I blocked it just in time, his sword was huge, larger than me, but he wielded it like a short sword.

The sounds of battle could be heard today, many men were dying, I was going to have to speed this up a little. I lunged, he blocked, we sparred like I have never sparred before, the strokes were so fast that to mortal eyes the blades were mere blurs until the blades collided, a few hundred years ago I wouldn’t have lasted a second, but my new found strength and speed meant we were on almost even par, a second bolt from Areinith, he dodged it easily but I managed to slash his sword arm, he screamed but not in pain but of anger, he smashed down in a mighty down swing, I choose to dodge that, the stones smashed under his blade, good choice Calvyn I though to my self, no time to congratulate my self I was a bit to busy now.

Down below the human army crashed against the castle walls, siege ladders were erected and men scrambled frantically up them onto the battlements only to slashed to pieces by wicked blades. Somewhere off far a light shone, a huge bright light, a light which filled the sky, the castle was lit up by the light, huge cracks of thunder fired from the clouds.

“look, the angels are coming, you are rule is at an end!". He just gazed at the clouds, I didn’t have time to see what he was gazing at, this was my chance, I charged with all my might, I thought of all the pain this man has caused, and plunged my steak knife deep through his back, he screamed with agony, but his eyes never left the sky, even as he collapsed onto the floor, he didn’t look away from the clouds. What could he been looking at?, I looked up and to my horror I saw in the distance what the angels had strived to avoid, the unbalancing of the universe had begun, “no!”. A huge dark purple mass was swirling, it was ripping at the very fabric of the universe, sucking everything and anything into it, and then I saw it calming down, the swirling purple mass that was once ripping at the fabric of this universe was fading, and every thing was returning to normal, “Thank the heavens for that”. Smiling at my own pun I turned to see Areinith, “Calvyn I knew you could do it, and you did, I hope you see know that everything I did was for not only you are own good but for every one”

“yes Areinith I understand, what happens to the demons know?”

“To being creatures out of their realm like this requires a lot of strength to maintain the spell, he was holding the spell, he was quite weak compared to his normal self, now that he is dead the demons will fade from this planet, they will be weakening even as I speak, soon they will be as week as mice, everything will be back to normal”

“We did it Areinith, we saved the world”

“It was far more you than I Calvyn, it would have been impossible withought you”

“It took you to kill me to save the world, thank you”.


And so it was, the demons were defeated and sent back to their own realm, but one thing I hadn’t realised, I couldn’t stay on earth, I cant believe I was turning my nose up on heaven, but, I battled to save this world, and the thought I could only see it as a distant observer saddened me, but I had done my part, and ill enjoy seeing the world establish its self, from the ashes the phoenix will rise, to a brave new world.


The End

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