MOMENTUM – A measure of the motion of a body equal to the product of its mass and velocity

In other words, the faster an object is moving, the harder it becomes to stop.

The first time he called her was an awkward affair. When she answered the phone, he stuttered and groped and crawled his way through asking her out to a museum.

She had never been, so he let her lead him through the exhibit halls and found new fascination as she flitted through the displays.

Afterward they strolled through the park. He enjoyed the feeling of her fingers intertwined in his, the weight of her head on his shoulder.

He called her on Monday, and made plans to meet with her again the next weekend.

Wednesday, however, he called again and asked if she was free for dinner that night.

He had never been so impulsive.

The calls became more frequent, though he wondered if the nervousness ever truly went away. He loved how often her name came up on his call history, dialing out, calls received, even calls missed.

The End

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