Zuri: The Last of the Payments.Mature

"Let go of me!" I shouted twisting and tugging at Ice's grip. She completely ignored me and continued to drag me into my bedroom. She shoved me on the bed and I had a feeling of deja vu. As realisation hit me I stopped struggling against Ice's hold. I stared at her frozen in horror. She felt me freeze and let go of me to lock the door. She put the key into her pocket.

"What is it this time, then?" I asked in a defeated voice. She chuckled.

"You're always so perceptive," she laughed but it was hard... there was no amusement to it. "I have to give you an appropriate punishment as well as collect a payment to make sure you follow through on your punishment," Ice began. There was a pause before she added, "Remember as a Pixie you are bound. You have no choice but to do as I tell you."

"I know," I said in a steely tone through gritted teeth.

"You must completely severe your connection with the Fire Fox Demon known as Mazany," Ice said slowly, distinctly and carefully. I stared at her uncomprehending then it settled into my awareness.

"NO!" I yelled jumping to my feet. I lunged for Ice but she neatly dodged out of the way. I tried to fight against the ancient magic that bound me to this agreement of four payments. I attempted attacking Ice with the Elements but she was stronger than me. She used her gift for creating wounds on me to weaken me until I couldn't fight anymore. Finally, I fell onto the floor and lay on my side. Ice crouched close to me so I was looking up into her face.

"Yes," she breathed, "You, Pixie Zuri, owe me a payment and our race a punishment so you must break your friendship with Mazany completely.  Again the same conditions apply."

"No, no, no," I moaned over and over but Ice had no mercy. She laughed delightedly. My bindings wouldn't even let me go and say goodbye to him. Mazany... pain twisted through me. My Mazany... "No, no, no..." I continued.

"You have to say it out loud, Zuri," Ice whispered, triumph clear on her face, "Come on now, Zuri, say it." I glared at her pitifully.

"I, Pixie Zuri, agree to the third payment you, Pixie Ice, have given me," I managed to get out. Sobs were breaking free from me as I curled up on the floor; hugging myself in my attempts to smother my pain that was tearing me apart. Ice had smiled with a bunch of satisfaction and gotten up to walk towards the door.

"Tell me," I gasped between sobs, "When will I have to pay the fourth debt?" Ice very slowly turned to me and smiled so cruelly my breath caught.

"It's already been paid," Ice said softly. Then she left this world taking my bedroom key with her. I didn't want to think about what she'd meant about the last payment having already been paid.

So I curled up into an even tighter ball and cried my heart out; all the while saying, "I'm so sorry, Mazany, I love you. I'm sorry," even though I knew he couldn't hear me because our connection had been broken.


Mazany was still wandering aimlessly in the forest when a sudden ice cold wind picked up. He slowed his pace in wariness and glanced around. The second the wind stopped, he gasped as strong, slender arms wrapped around him from behind. Someone kissed the back of his neck and he relaxed; not knowing the change that was coming over him.

The last thing he saw before blacking out was a strand of familiar, blue hair.


The End of 'Equal Guardians'. Look out for the next book in the series: 'The Period of Darkness'.

The End

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