Mazany: PuppetMature

There was nothing I could do, I had been blocked from going back and I was left alone. Alone with 'him' inside me, I could feel 'him' clawing at my senses and I stumbled on through the woods not caring where I was going. I had been searching for the answer of the thing that I had already knew, I could never be accepted never with this 'thing' inside me. I couldn't face the darkness without Zuri but she didn't come, had she left me too?

I slowed down, my feet dragging through the leaf litter. Was it true? Has Zuri left me too? I have nothing left and so the darkness would swim round me because I have nothing to lose. I shook my head trying to forget, who are you kidding? You can never forget I jumped as 'his' voice entered my head and I began to run. He snapped at the back of my mind, taunting me like a hell hound.

Zuri had left me, she had left me. I knew 'he' was putting those thought's into my head but I couldn't deny them, shouldn't Zuri have found me by now? Shouldn't she be telling me that everything would be OK? I had enough of all these thought's swimming in my mind, I stopped and closed myself to the world. Ignoring everything around me including 'him' and his sick twisted mind.

A cold wind blew through my mind and I felt myself fall on the woodland floor without a sound. Why did this happen to me? Why do people want to control me? I didn't care anymore, I just lay still underneath the moon's sick twisted mouth that fell down upon me like the devil in disguise. It was meant to be simple, I was meant to gain the knowledge to help my ancestors but instead I am the person that they are trying to destroy.

My world felt hopeless, everyone had left me. I was alone, I have nothing left for me. Zuri was the only thing that kept me sane but now I felt madness drag into my mind drowning me. Every shadow looked like someone taunting me, leering at me, telling me how worthless I was. I thought I saw Zuri flying through the trees, I jumped up and ran after her crying out,

"Zuri! Zuri wait please!" I saw her in a tree to my right so I ran towards her but she went around me and disappeared. She wasn't there... she had left me.

I ended up wandering through the forest, my mind riddled with a dark mass that interlocked with my own thoughts. I no longer control my own being, have I always been a puppet for others to control? Was I put in to this world to just be used? Yes that was it. I was just a puppet.

A puppet.

The End

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