Zuri: Discovery.Mature

Maz was shaking in fear but his eyes were wide in awe. I grabbed his arm as they warning cries began to echo all around us. It was to warn the people that an outsider was amongst us.

"Run with me," I whispered and we began to run. I became invisible as we ran and sent it out to Maz too. Now no one could see us as we ran. I took him to my home. As soon as I stepped in I heard my father's thunderous voice.

"ZURI! Get your little invisible hide in here right now!"

"Uh-oh," I breathed to Maz, "Go up to my-"

"Bring the Fire Fox with you!" I froze. How did he know? Cautiously I pulled Maz after me into the family room and dropped the invisibility. Father's eyes bugged out at me holding Maz's hand.

"I hope you can explain yourself, Zuri Brook!" Father yelled. I sensed Maz start, he'd never known my full name. I don't use it. I don't know why, I just don't.

"What are you on about?" I demanded.

"I'm on about you bringing a trespasser into our midst! Was it you who helped him in last time?"

"Last time?" I repeated blankly. Then I realized what he meant and turned to Maz; my eyes wide. His eyes were sad and I knew then that it hadn't been Maz exactly who had trespassed but Him. I faced Father again.

"No," I said clearly, "But it wasn't his fault. That is why I have brought him here because he needs our help to-"

"Help?!" Father exploded, "You just admitted it was the Fire Fox that entered our world and caused destruction here!"

"Father, please, calm down and listen to me," I pleaded. I'd never seen my father this angry. Maz shifted next to me so he was ready to protect me if Father lost it completely. Father roared silently at Maz and flicked his fingers at my best friend. Maz disappeared. I knew Father and banished him from this world in his fury. I rounded on Father and we glared at each other.

"You wouldn't even listen to what I had to say!" I shouted. He strode towards me and slapped my face. I stumbled back and fell onto the floor.

"I must call a meeting with the other Council members," Father stated, "We must discuss how to find the Demon and his punishment. When we have established that I'll come back and give you yours."

"I can give her a punishment, Father, do not worry," I heard Ice's voice say. Until then, I hadn't even known she was there, lurking in the shadows. Now she stepped forwards and a peculiar dread filled me. Father glanced at her and nodded.

"Very well, Ice, make sure it is suitable. Now I only have to worry about the Fire Fox."

"I can deal with the Trickster, too," Ice assured Father. He truly looked at her now, suspicious.

"You can trust me, Father, I'm an adult now and I wish to punish the one who destroyed our beautiful land. Plus he has corrupted my sister's mind. He owes me much," Ice informed him. Finally, Father nodded.

"Alright, Ice, I will tell the Highest Council of my decision since it is my area that has been violated. I'll leave it to you now." Father spun on his heel and left the room without so much as a glance at me still on the floor. Ice stalked over to me and grabbed my arm roughly. She pulled me to my feet and dragged me to my room.

The End

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