Mazany: Queen Of The BallMature

Wind swept through my fur and I looked up to see myself above ground, my paws running on leaves that got crushed beneath them. I kept running, I couldn't stop, I feared what might happen if I did. What if he came back, the person I was meant to be fighting against was living inside me! I felt a small shift in nature and it felt like Zuri was telling me to come back, but I couldn't. I had done it again because of me she was hurt and worse of all Zuri was hurt by me.

The sun had sunk into the ground but still I ran, the paw that had been stabbed burned like my tormentor. It wasn't a dream, it had really happened! What if it had been me who had trespassed into Zuri's world? What if... Did I? I slowed down and walked up to a tree, I banged my head against it. And again. Damn it. Why was this happening? Why am I always the weakling!? Why aren't I being the one who has to help Zuri?

"Damn it!!" I screamed in frustration, I swiped my claws against the bark of the tree, leaving a slash that began to ooze with sap. Zuri would kill me for that, but then again I wouldn't go to Zuri again. She shouldn't be around me. Anger rose in my stomach and I hit the tree again, it was a medium sized tree but my claws ended up cutting all the way through. I watched as it fell onto the woodland floor, I could imagine the spirit of the tree crying in pain as it's life slowly ebbed away leaving a hollow shell in it's place. That what I felt like... a hollow shell.

"You shouldn't do that you know" I voice said taunting me, I spun round growling. I felt my control slowly leaving me and I knew I would strike out at the slightest taunt.

"Who are you?" I snapped, I felt my claw flexing in the soil, just itching to hit something that would really feel it.

"Oh! How mean! I can't believe you don't remember" I looked closely at the woman who stood in front of me, she had light blue hair that sat in a ponytail running down her back, she had snow white skin and ice blue eyes that seemed to flicker with amusement. Four years... Four years since that dream I had thought I forgot.

"But you... you were a dream" I whispered, she furrowed her brow and said.

"Well now I should be offended! I am perfectly real" She was suddenly in front of me and I took and involuntary step back, she ran her hand against my cheek and I lurched away from her. My whole body began to shake, she couldn't be real... It was a dream. I remembered the sensation of the mist floating in my lungs and I fell backwards coughing, I was afraid... Afraid of what she did to me.

She laughed out loud and said, "Well now you remember me!" She stepped forward and I jumped onto my four paws and growled at her. She stopped in mid stride,

"I just thought you might like to know something." I spun round and she was now sitting on the newly cut trunk, she sat with one leg over the other's knee and leaning back lazily, checking her nails.

"What?" I snarled, never taking my eyes off her. I felt her hand run across my furry chest as she purred in my ear.

"It was you" My whole body tensed, she ran her hand across my chest and stroked my face. I jumped away from her and snapped,

"What do you mean?!" She smiled at me and replied,

"Don't try to kind yourself! You're the one who trespassed into the Pixie World" She whispered slyly.

"Well looks like the Queen of the ball has arrived. Let me know how it goes for you" She smiled wickedly and disappeared in a breeze of ice and snow. I stood there frozen to the spot, that woman had just told me it was me. I knew she wasn't lying, I just felt it...

I was still standing there like that when Zuri came flying through the bush and stopped startled when she saw me. I had betrayed her trust, I turned to go but her voice held me back.

"Wait Maz, don't go!" I stood there one paw raised, I felt a tear fall down my cheek but didn't let Zuri see.

"Maz, talk to me please" Her voice sounded hurt and I could imagine that same hurt if I told her it was me who trespassed. I couldn't do it, I couldn't break the first bond I'd ever had.

"No Zuri..." I turned round and she looked at me puzzled.

"I can't... I can't let you be around me. He hates you. Wants you gone and I can't control Him." Zuri threw up her hands and yelled,

"Mazany! Look at yourself! Can't you remember what you told me!" I looked up shocked at her yelling at me, I felt the frustration rise and I yelled back,

"But he's not a monster! He's worse! He's pure evil, something that no one can control!! I was meant to stop him but now I am him! I'm the thing I was born to destroy!!" Zuri gasped at my outburst, her face showed that she finally understood what I meant. She looked afraid and that tore me inside.

"Maz, I know how to contain him." Zuri whispered looking at the ground, I looked at her shocked and hissed,

"What?" She flinched and quickly said,

"Well he'd still be there but he wouldn't have as much control over you. You would need to come to my homeland, Pixie World."

"NO!" I cried quickly, she looked up sharply and snapped,

"Why not?" My mind fumbled for a reasonable answer,

"Because... um... you said... um... that no one could go there!" I finished quickly, flinching on the inside.

"Oh that doesn't matter" I felt the ancient magic flow and I cried,

"No-" But it was too late, the next thing I knew I was standing in Pixie World! And so let the truth break free and rip my world apart, leaving my soul to burn in the depths of hell.

The End

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