Zuri: Earth and Water.Mature

Mazany fled after looking into my face. I let him go. I understood what he was feeling. I pushed myself to my feet. I staggered over to Al'teal and knelt beside her; checking her over. She was staring at me with wide eyes.

"Are you OK?" I whispered and she nodded. "Alright then," I muttered clapping her on the back and using her as a support to rise. I winced as I stepped back still not fully healed. I met Al'teal's gaze.

"I have a feeling we are to meet again, Al'teal. You have much to teach me when you are free again," I smiled.

"And you have much to teach me, Little Rainbow," Al'teal replied. I nodded absently as I glanced up. I was smiling ruefully now. Al'teal laughed softly causing me to look back at her.

"You have the power, Little Rainbow, you know that. You must believe in that power to use it. Call the Element Earth to you and you can leave here safely."

"What about Maz?"

"Ask Earth to help him out. I can sense he is still running. With the Element, you can get him out but do not expect him to stop running," Al'teal warned me.

"Unfortunately, I understand why he won't stop," my eyes were shining, "I didn't want to stop." I sighed hoping he'd listen to me like I listened to him when he'd told me I wasn't a monster. I closed my eyes.

"Element Earth, come to me please. I need your help getting back to the surface and getting Maz to the surface, too. Please pull us back up." The strangest sensation came over me. The next thing I felt was a gentle breeze. I opened my eyes. I was standing at the spot I'd disappeared. Using the Element had healed and strengthened me. I gathered that strength and began to run. I ran to the cliff where I'd gone before someone pushed me into the water. I stood at the edge looking down. The water was calm and called to me. Now I knew the key to using the Elements I wanted to experiment with the Element that hadn't worked the last time I tried to use it. Maz would come to me in his own time; he knew me well enough to know where I'd be. If he didn't come then I would track him but I'd give him some time first.

So I called up the Element Water and created a huge, harmless wave. I stepped onto the wave. It caressed me and we danced together. I got soaked as we moved further away. I watched the cliffs constantly waiting for any sign of Maz. I requested the water to let me back onto land. He hadn't come to me so I would go after him. I loved him and I wouldn't let him come to any harm.

The End

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