Mazany: MadnessMature

I saw Zuri look at us... no me. He was not a part of me. She looked like she was weak but I sensed the small amount of magic that was healing her. Of course he didn't.

Get out! I growled in my mind, pushing forward. I sensed him withdraw in surprise, but soon I felt him fighting back. My body stumbled back and I grabbed the table which Zuri had been on moments before.

"You won't kick me out!" He said snarling, he turned his attention on Zuri and put out his hand towards her. I saw lightning flickering at the tips of his fingers and cried out,

NO! My hand jerked and the shot of lightning hit the wall above Zuri. I felt him trying to bind me again but I was fuming with anger and I wasn't going to let him control me like this.

"Damn you!" I saw something flicker into my hand and a knife buried itself into my hand. I felt the pain and recoiled back from the sensation, he used this to his advantage and tied my mind down again. He twisted out the knife and I whimpered in pain, he focused all the sense of pain towards me instead of him. I couldn't stop him, I was just too weak. He might have even controlled me before... he might have been the one who trespassed into Zuri's homeworld. That meant that I trespassed, I had betrayed Zuri. I knew it was him putting these doubts into my mind but I couldn't stop myself from not denying it. What if I had been the one who had trespassed?

He chuckled to himself and moved towards Zuri again. The knife glinted in my hands, my blood dripping from the tip of the blade. I tried to fight against it but my guilt caused me to be like a fly against his mind. Something seemed to blow through my mind, it was like an icy wind. I heard him scream in my mind, and it was them me holding the knife. I dropped it and it fell with a clatter to the floor. Zuri looked up at me with hope on her face.

It was all my fault, no matter how strong I got he was in me. Zuri was in danger, I couldn't control it. He would try to kill her again and I wouldn't even know about it. I couldn't put her through that.

"Mazany?" Zuri asked me, I looked down at my hands and saw the blood that covered them... my blood but what if next time it was Zuri's?

"Mazany?" Zuri asked again, urgency in her voice. I looked up at her injured form and turned fleeing. Transforming back into my fox form. I fled down the tunnels, running away from the horror's that had just occurred. I just ran, not caring where I went. I just wanted to get lost and die. Dieing would be the best thing that I could do, I think I had gone mad. I couldn't think straight, I just ran. The shadows  looked like him. I have gone mad. I've gone mad and so I just ran.

The End

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