Zuri: Slipping.Mature

"Who are you?" I asked coldly.

"He is Him," Al'teal said from where she'd fallen.

"OK then, next question," I said indifferently (it was better than showing fear but in all truth I was more angry), "What do you want?"

"Oh that's easy," He crowed, "I want to kill you!" I could see Maz in the depths of the creature and could see Maz's horror. That gave me a flicker of hope. I concentrated on Him though.

"Well, I guess I already know why," I said dryly, "But why do you need Mazany's body so much?"

"Now that'd be telling, wouldn't it," He said smiling, "Now enough of this, it's time for you to die!" He chuckled, moving towards me. I didn't react. I was too weak to react but I wasn't gonna let Him know that. His hands wrapped around my neck and squeezed. Instantly, it was difficult to breathe.

"Ha, you should hear the boy plead for your life, he'd do anything. I looked up with hope. Maz was in there. As I looked up, the hands loosened. A tear crept out of his eye; a contradiction of His smiling face. Maz was weeping.

"Hmm... maybe," He wasn't talking to me, that was obvious, "But then again, I'm not a nice guy." His hands tightened yet again. I tried to lift a hand to claw at His grip. It was useless because I was so weak. I was slipping. Everything was fading, my world was becoming black.

Nature help me! I pleaded silently. Then it came to me. The one sliver of hope. I tried to find His face. Everything cleared and I saw His shocked face. I knew my body was shining more brightly than ever before and my eyes were flickering between the colours of the Elements.

"I understand why you need Maz's body," I whispered, "Because it's like how Nature, consequently the Elements, needs mine." He let go of my neck suddenly and back handed me across the face so hard that he knocked me right off the table. I crashed into the wall. There was more pain but I smiled. I was getting to Him. As I got to Him then Maz had more chance of taking control. Plus, I was healing; very slowly but healing nonetheless. I couldn't let Him know that I was.

I just looked at him, trying to act frail and weak, and smiled as the internal battle between Maz and Him began.

The End

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