Mazany: ControlMature

My body moved on it's own, I was so tired. My mind was numb from the attack against it and my body was hurting from the physical pain. I don't know why I was moving, or where I was going, but eventually I came to a room with two figures in it. One was on the table and the other was pacing around looking nervous.

My feet moved forward even though I was trying not too, the figures turned to face me, well one did. The other just turned her head, it was Zuri! I tried to cry out but the voice that came out wasn't my own,

"So this is the creature that he holds dear?"  The voice that came out was full of misgiving. I felt something enter my mind and push me away, it was like I was kicked out of my own body! I still saw what happened, I could still hear but I couldn't speak or move my limbs.

Ha! I want you to see! Hear! I want you to break inside. I may have entered before without you knowing.

I tried to move, tried to say something but I couldn't. I watched as the thing controlling my body moved further forward.

"Mazany?" My heart wrenched as I heard Zuri, her voice full of pain. I tried harder to regain my own body back but it was like I met a invisible wall that repelled me.

"Sorry to disappoint little Pixie" My voice-wait no not mine- mocked at her. Zuri looked at me and gasped,

"What... what are you?!" She shrieked, I tried to reach out to her but instead my arm reached out and slapped her.

"No..." I whispered. I had actually said that! The repletion came again and I was back in the observation box of my mind. My body turned away, I clenched and Un clenched my hand.

"Yes that's her. I nearly lost my hold just now." I felt my mouth tug into a sneer, I turned back to them and faced the other figure. In front of me was a person that reminded me of Al'leako, her hair was ash blond and she had dull eyes. She was wringing her hands,

"I... I told you I could get her. Will you let me go now?" I felt myself smile,

"Oh no! Not yet, I still need you, Al'teal" Al'teal shrieked and came at me screaming,

"No! That's Not Fair! You Promised-" She suddenly dropped and I saw my hand outstretched, lightning playing from the finger tips.

"Who are you?" I turned round,

"Why I am Mazany." No! No you're not!

"Uh..." I said, my hand going to my head.

"Shut up! It'll be over soon you pest!" I felt something bind me down and so now I could not move my body or my minds body. My eye's turned down to Zuri, my bottom lip quivered into a snarl.

"This is all you're fault! Before you came along my body had no spirit but you had to make him happy!" I spat at the word happy,

"Who are you?" Zuri said coolly,

"He is 'Him'" Al'teal said from the floor,

"OK then, next question. What do you want?"

"Oh that's easy, I want to kill you!" My heart lurched,

"Well I guess I already know why, but why do you need Mazany's body so much?"

"Now, that'd be telling wouldn't it" He said smiling,

"Now enough of this, it's time for you to die!" He chuckled, moving forward. His... my hands wrapped round Zuri throat and the pressure increased.

No, please no! I'll do anything... please don't kill her!

"Ha, you should hear the boy plead for your life, he'd do anything." Zuri looked up at me amazed. His hands stayed around her throat, but his grip loosened.

Please, please don't kill her. I pleaded, a tear escaped from the corner of my eye and it worked it's way down my smiling face.

"Hmm... maybe" My heart soared "But then again, I'm not a nice guy" and with that the grip tightened, Zuri tried to put up a hand to stop me but she was too weak.

The End

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