Mazany: A Game Of The MindMature

Most of my body had gone numb, and I was walking in a dream state. I carried on walking through the tunnel, my eye sight had improved. Coming to a corner I saw light, I took a step froward and a searing pain ripped through my mind. I stumbled against the wall clutching my head. My face contorted in anguish.

Something was trying to break into my mind, it felt like a needle digging it's way into my flesh and through my body.

I will not let you go any further Kitsune. You may not be allowed to gain the ninth tail! I cried out in pain as something slammed down on my mind, I fell on the floor, unable to move. The pressure intensified and I cried out again, my eye sight was fuzzy, and blood ran into them from the wound on my head. My eye sight soon became blindness, but still I couldn't move. One thought worked it's way through my pain ridden mind,


I tried to move, another wave of pain ripped through my mind. I pushed back,


I screamed mentally and I felt something recoil from me like I had punched them. I was able to move and got up slowly, leaning against the wall. I held my head, it hurt so badly.

Still clutching my head I stumbled forward, still blinded by the blood in my eyes. I was going to save Zuri no matter what.
I was going to save her.

The End

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