Zuri: Vaguely Annoyed.Mature

I was in so much pain but I don't even know how I got to be in such a state. Was this how Maz felt when he had that fever after using Kistune-bi? I felt like I was on fire. I ached and burned all over. I tried to remember what happened.

I had been talking to Maz. He'd been acting so weirdly... saying something about hearing. He'd been nervous. He'd been pacing and then he'd turned away... then nothing. I'd been falling. I'd wondered if Nature had been pulling me into the ground for some reason but then I stopped falling. I must have hit the bottom. Then there was so much pain. The worst part was the fact I wasn't healing. I am a Pixie; why am I not healing? It was something as simple as broken bones and cuts, something as pathetic as broken bonesand cuts but they wouldn't heal. What was wrong with me?

Then she emerged from the gloom. She reminded me of Al'leako a bit. She was in a human form. She was wearing a green skirt and a green top. Her hair was ash blonde and her eyes dull. She grinned wickedly. I groaned in exasperation. She moved forwards and picked me up, none too gently. I gasped as the pain intensified. My whole focus was on the pain of movement.

Apart form a tiny corner of my head. That corner was utterly annoyed. It was only faint but it was definately there. It was grumbling about how it was always Maz and I getting into trouble. We rarely had peace.

Why can't all the evil people, beings whatever, go and annoy someone else for a change? I thought. Thinking of that made me think of Maz. I hoped he was alright. If he was hurt trying to save me (no doubt he would try to) then I don't think I could forgive myself for allowing myself to get into this mess.

Nature, please don't let anything hurt my Maz... I pleaded silently and the strange woman laid me on a stone table (huh, how did we get here?! Where is here?!).

Don't let anything hurt my Maz...

My Maz...

The End

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