Mazany: TrappedMature

After jumping down from the tree house we ran into the woods, well Zuri was flying I was running in my human form, that little cheater. Something caused my tails to twitch...Something didn't feel right, I slowed down, looking around slowly I don't know what it was but something didn't feel right. Zuri came flying back, she hovered in front of me,

"Hey! What's up with you Mazany?"

I didn't answer, I turned slowly, "I can't hear it... I can't hear?" I said puzzled. Zuri landed, grabbing my shoulder and turned me round to face her,

"Mazany what are you talking about?" She was biting her lower lip. I glanced around again. I paused, Zuri opened her mouth again but I said,

"What can you her Zuri?" She gave me a look of puzzlement and said,

"Nothing" I nodded sharply and bit my thumb, I accidentally caught it on my sharp teeth and blood flowed into my mouth. My tails were twitching frantically and I knew something bad was happening... but what?

I growled and paced up and down, trying to work out what it was that felt so wrong. I smelt something shift in nature magic, I turned round towards Zuri. She wasn't there... she wasn't there.

Instead there was a gaping hole in her place, I ran over to it and suddenly felt the ground shift underneath me. I didn't have time to yell out for I was falling down with soil and roots, I hit the bottom heavily. My head fell back on a rock and my vision went blurry. I laid there, dirt raining down on me, breathing in soil.

I got up slowly, my head hurt and I lifted my hand to feel something wet matted into my hair. I hurt like hell, and when I touched the wound black spots appeared in my vision. I looked up and saw the hole that I had fallen through closing up, I mean literally closing up like a fast healing wound. Soon I was in complete darkness, I let my eyes slowly adjust to the darkness and whispered,

"Zuri? Zuri, are you there? Zuri?!" I waited but got no reply, damn it! I should have sensed it sooner, but sensed what exactly? The ground just feels... strange. I got up slowly, and my head spun. I sat back down, tenderly I poked to head wound which sent sharp stabs of pain. I got out lucky, what if Zuri was lying somewhere with a broken arm or leg, or trapped under rubble? I began to panic, and it felt like I was trapped... I was trapped!

"ZURI WHERE ARE YOU?!" I yelled, stumbling up, not caring about the sharp, protesting pain that was sent from the wound in my head.

The End

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