Zuri: The Rainbow.Mature

"Life is like the Rainbow
All different colours
With a unique beauty
Taking your breath away"

I was singing quietly while Maz slept, regaining his energy after his breif spell in the Lake.

"Essences are like the Rainbow
Magical and unreachable
No one can touch them
No one understands them

"Everyone is like the Rainbow" I finished softly. There is a Pixie myth that the Rainbow is merely all the Essences, that have moved on, becoming visible after joining together. It is also believed that the Rainbow is the oldest child of Nature (Nature's second child being the Sun). I stared at Maz confused by what I felt for him. Maz was as beautiful as the Rainbow, as warm as the Sun and as gentle as Nature. I gazed out the treehouse window and smiled. A very defined rainbow.

"Life is like the Rainbow
All different colours
With a unique beauty
Taking your breath away

"You're a good singer," Maz mumbled sleepily. My gaze snapped back to him.

"I thought you were asleep," I narrowed my eyes, "How long have you been awake?"

"Long enough to hear you singing about 'the Rainbow'," he grinned lazily. I rolled my eyes then I stared at him very seriously.

"It's a song close to me because it was written by my Mama and according to my Grandma she used to sing it to me. Grandma once showed me one of her memories of Mama singing it. Knowing what little I do about the Elements now I'd imagine its about my control over them as well as the Rainbow that is Nature's child, consequently me. I was Mama's Little Rainbow."

"I thought you were Little Nature?" Maz frowned in confusion.

"Yeah... I'm that too. I prefer Little Rainbow," I mumbled. Then I shook myself mentally. I stood and held out a hand to him. "C'mon, Little One, let's go have fun before I have to return to my world," I said. He took my hand and we jumped from the treehouse together.

The End

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