Mazany: Wishful ThinkingMature

I felt the presence of the magic that transported Pixie's but was too excited about my new tail to care. I started running towards Zuri yelling her name, she turned round and I smiled hugely. She looked at my wet body and asked,

"Why are you so wet?" I grinned and spun around, flicking my tails happily,

"Oh, Nature! You gained a tail!" She said shocked,

"Yep!" I said satisfied, I was becoming stronger. Zuri reached out a hand to stroked my tail but pulled back quickly, I was glad she did I still remembered too clearly the soul eater and her stroking my tail. She smiled at me but I could see the sadness behind her eyes, surely she wasn't that sad about not being able to stroke my tail?

"You think your stronger than me?" She said with a teasing smile, "Not a chance" and lunged at me, tackling me to the ground where we began to laugh. She jumped off me and winkled her nose,

"What?" I asked.

"You're all wet and stink of the Lake. You need a shower or at least some way to clean up," She started laughing and I growled playfully, sticking out my leg to trip her up. It just made her laugh harder and whatever sadness that had been in her eyes was now gone.

I took off my wet top and tried to drain the water out of it, I felt Zuri looking at me and turned to her,

"What?" I asked puzzled, she blushed and got up, facing away from me with her hands clasped behind her back. She rocked on her heels and tilted her head towards the sun,

"Oh nothing, don't worry about it" I just shrugged and put my shirt on a branch, I went inside the tree house and found a white T-Shirt that fit me, I had to dry my trousers by using my tail to create heat. I climbed back down to the ground where Zuri was still looking at the Sun. She was smiling to herself which puzzled me further, I walked next to her and said,

"What you looking at?" She glanced up at me and I looked at the Sun, it wasn't bright enough to give me a headache. She looked back up,

"The Sun, it's so pretty." She put her arm around mine and laid her head on the upper part of my arm. I looked down at her chestnut hair and smiled to myself, I wished that nothing would ever change, but things never stay as you want them to.

The End

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