Mazany: SilverMature

I watched Zuri create the orb and glanced down at Zuri as she looked up at me, I gasped as I saw Zuri's eye's a pure silver colour, like the moon.

"You're eyes" I whispered, I wanted to reach out at touch her face but I stopped myself, instead I said, "They're a different colour. Silver... It must be the elements" I said the truth dawning on me, "They're... they're very powerful aren't they? The elements." Zuri nodded at me and I glanced down at my hands,

"I'll be back later... I have to go for a walk" I said, I stood up and went down the ladder onto the woodland floor. I wandered aimlessly around the woods and somehow came to the black river. I sighed and walked along the edge of the cliff until it leveled out to a bank. Walking towards the water, I glanced down and saw my figure reflected... and two tails. Two tails... after three years I only had two years. I sat down and felt sorry for myself,

"Why so down Little One? They sky is still Grey" I jumped and looked towards the person sitting next to me,

"Al'leako?" Al'leako smiled and nodded,

"Hello Little One, it seems you never returned..." I sighed and drew my knees up to my chin,

"I couldn't after what happened last time. I'm not scared but I can't leave Zuri, but Zuri seems to keep getting stronger while I still only have two tails."

Al'leako sighed at me and said, "Little One, you already have the knowledge for your next tail! You just don't realize it..." I looked up sharply and whispered,

"What?" Al'leako nodded and said,

"It's true... you could have gotten your third tail 2 years ago but you never came so I could never tell you. It's like your the rain and I'm the sun, and your tails the rainbow. The rain HAS to see the sun for it to gain the rainbow."

"What so YOU can give me my third tail?" I said, not really understanding Al'leako's use of an example. Al'leako gave me a look and said,

"No, not I. Well... not like this. Did I tell you how I'm linked to the Black Lake?" I shook my head "Oh well, I'm linked to the Black Lake, that's why I cannot leave it's reaches, apart from in dreams but yours have been closed to me." Al'leako said with a furrow of his brow.

"But anyway, all you have to do is submerge yourself in the Black Lake's water and.. tah dah... instant rainbow!" Al'leako said smiling at me,

"But I can't go into water" I answered miserably, Al'leako said,

"It will only be for one second, you just have to get your whole body under water Little One"

I bit my lip and walked up to the lake. I looked down and the glass like surface and spun round saying,

"I can't do it!" Al'leako gave me a look and said,

"You did it last time, to save Little Nature." I turned back to the water, I couldn't see the bottom. Even though it was a bank the lakes bank cut down from the ground like a pool side. I closed my eyes, but I couldn't move. I heard Al'leako get up and walk behind me, he pushed me!

Muddy lake water swirled around me and bubbles escaped from my mouth, I felt my strength sapped by the water and I tired feebly to kick up wards. I didn't have enough strength, I swear I'll haunt Al'leako if I die, I though bitterly. My tails tingled and the water around me started to boil, I watched in amazement and suddenly had enough energy to kick up wards.

I burst from the surface, gasping for breath and felt something lift me out by the scruff of my neck- I somehow had shifted into my Fox form- Al'leako smiled at me as he lifted me, dripping, out of the lake and put me on the bank. I glared at Al'leako and said,

"I'm going to get you back for that" Al'leako laughed and answered,

"OK. You may get me back Little One, but I suggest you go look in the lake." I kept an eye on Al'leako as I edged closer to the water, not trusting as much as I had a minuet ago. I glanced down and stared in disbelief as I counted... Three tails! I couldn't believe it, I reached behind me and pulled at the third tail.

"Ow!" I said, looking away from the lake and rubbing my tail, Al'leako chuckled saying,

"Yeah! I wouldn't recommend that Little One!" I glanced at Al'leako and said,

"Is this real? It's not an illusion right?" Al'leako sighed and said,

"I know I'm the master of Illusions but sadly I'm not that good" I couldn't believe it, I mean I finally got my third tail!

The End

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