Zuri: Trespassed.Mature

"Sorry... It's just no one is allowed there. It's our world, it's meant to be secret." I muttered.

Maz shook his head then stared at me, "You're going to have to explain better than that."

"OK," I sighed, "You know our history and you know about the scars that are left upon our time. Do you recall I mentioned about us going into hiding?" Maz nodded and I continued, "Well, it is an ancient magic that we decided to keep; in case people tried to harm us again. We literally created worlds, hidden ones, across this world. We didn't create them quite like we created this one because they weren't there, like this one was, we formed them and retreated to them. We cast spells to protect them so no one other than Pixies could enter them. All creatures can sense the doorways to our worlds, with some the sense is stronger than others, but no one could get in no matter how hard they tried... at least that's what we thought.

"Somehow someone broke through our spells and destroyed one of our beautiful cities; my city. We believe my father was the target because in our little Pixie world he is ruler because he is on the Council. The city in which we reside is the most beautiful in all of the Pixie Worlds but now it is the most dismal. We have to find out who did this, how they got in and why they destroyed our land."

"Is there a chance I might one day see your world?" Maz asked gently after a pause. I looked at him surprised at the strange question. In light of what had happened it wasn't important.

"You could if there was a chance that no one would see you. Even Pixies are wary of Kistunes," I smiled aplogetically. He shrugged.

"How could I?" He pressed.

"Why, you not going to try and enter our world are you?" I narrowed my eyes teasingly. He shook his head.

"Not without permission," he said, "But seriously, how could I, an outsider, get in with all that magic stopping me?"

"Well, I would have to help you," I told him with a frown, "If I was powerful enough then I could weaken the magic momentarily and pull you through, masking you with my Pixie magic so the ancient spells wouldn't recognize you or be strong enough to keep you out."

"So, I'd need inside help from someone powerful," he muttered staring at me intently like I was missing the obvious.

"Yes," I said slowly, "What are you thin-," I froze as I caught up to where he already was, "Whoever trespassed on our world must have had inside help." Maz nodded. I wanted to deny it but there could be no other explanation.

"Well, I'll be looking out. If someone trespasses again I'll kick their butts with the Elements. Hm...Wonder if Moon will work against them." It was a pretty strong Element. I created a small orb of the Element Moon and felt the amount of power in that small glow. I glanced up at Maz and he was smiling. He met my eyes and gasped. I looked at him quizzically.

"You're eyes," he whispered, "They're a different colour. Silver... It must be the Element," he took a deep breath, "They're... They're very powerful aren't they? The elements." I nodded.

"But are they powerful enough?" I muttered.

The End

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