Mazany: Pixie WorldMature

Three Years Later-

Three years have gone, nothing particularly exciting has happened you could say... well apart from one thing. Zuri came back to the tree house one day  with a face of thunder,

"What's up?" I asked as she sat on the floor with a huff,

"Nothing, nothings wrong" She said,

"Do you know, that's the most used lie by the female kind?" I said twirling my tail, she glared at me.

"At what the most used lie by males then?" I smiled slyly and tapped my nose,

"Not telling" Zuri didn't take the bait instead she sighed and played with the edge of her dress, picking at the stitches.

She hand her chin in one hand which made the skin to go up and look hilarious. I burst out laughing and Zuri looked at me offended, I just pulled a funny face and she burst out laughing too.

"OK! So what's wrong?" She sighed again but gave in and told me,

"Someone's gone to our Pixie World" She said sadly, I didn't get what made that so bad.

"What's wrong about that? I mean I could easily find your Pixie world. I mean you're magic can be smelled miles away!" She narrowed her eyes at me a said coldly,

"Where you the one who went there?" I gave her a look and said,

"Yes, yes I did because I so wanted to be given another reason to be scorned." Sarcastically. Zuri looked down and muttered,

"Sorry... It's just no one is allowed there. It's  our world, it's meant to be secret." 

The End

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