Mazany: MonsterMature

Zuri screamed but I managed to bend the noise so that the figure in front of me didn't hear. I saw Zuri stand and run away, it kind of hurt that she didn't even look at me, I focused on the figure in front of me and said,

"Well not that this wasn't fun and all that, but I've got to go. Places to go people to see" or chase I thought to myself. With that I walked away calmly, trying not to falter.

The figure cursed behind me and moved in the opposite direction, once I was sure they weren't following I ran after Zuri, praying that she was ok.

I caught up with her a while later and she was sitting on the ground sobbing, I walked slowly forward. Nervous about talking her since I had just left her.

“Zuri?” She snapped her head up and I saw tears streaming down her face,

“Stay away from me!” She cried, it hurt when she said this, I moved closer.

“Zuri, what’s wrong?” I asked, worried that I had made her like this, idiot.

“I’m a monster... I’m different” She sobbed, that did it and I ran to her, I took her shoulders and said,

“You’re not a monster! You’re still you!!” Zuri looked at me shocked,

“You’re still you Zuri, you’re still the only person who accepted me. You become a monster, in my mind, when you turn into those other creatures who tease me. That’s a monster.” I said more gently.

She looked at me and I smiled gently at her, she broke down crying harder. I held her until her sobs subsided and she whispered,

"Don't ever leave me Mazany" I didn't know what to say so I just held her tighter. I should never had tried to leave and so I never would leave her again, I realized that she needed me just as much as I needed her. I would become stronger so that Zuri wouldn't have to fight.

The End

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