Zuri: Nightmare.Mature

I knew it wasn't enough. My world went black and I dreamed.

In my dream Mazany was there. I couldn't see him but I could feel him, his arms around me, holding me tight. It took him a lot of effort to keep hold of me but he did and I was glad. Then, he let me go suddenly. I felt him leave. I wanted to beg him to come back but I couldn't speak. A tear escaped. Then it morphed into another dream; no, a nightmare. I could see now. I saw two figures. One I recognized immediately.

"Mazany!" I tried to call to him but although my lips moved, I made no sound. I couldn't move. I could only watch as terror shot across his face and then he spun and ran away from the other figure. I knew what I would see when I looked at her. I couldn't resist. I turned to her. Sure enough, it was me. My face was gaunt and expressionless. I couldn't help but think that this was the true reason Mazany had left; because I'd become something wrong.

I screamed and sat up. This nightmare was the worst by far. I was sweating again. I leapt up and ran. I thought I caught a glimpse of Mazany and someone else but I didn't stop to see if I was right; especially since it eerily reminded me of my dream, Mazany and another figure.

I just ran; leaving my nightmare behind. One thing I knew was I wouldn't come back.

The End

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