Mazany: WaterMature

My life sucked, I just ended the one, and most likely only, friendship I'd ever had. I knew Zuri would think I was going to go to the Black Lake so I avoided it and instead was sat at another, this one didn't have mist and I considered jumping into the water just to end my miserable life.

My hairs stood on end and I thought I heard someone cry my name, I looked up and saw someone falling off the cliff further down the lake side. I swear it was Zuri, I felt a change in nature and knew it was Zuri, I jumped up and cried out her name. She hit the water hard, I waited... She wasn't surfacing. I took a step towards the edge but hesitated knowing I had a weakness for water, I looked back over the lake but I couldn't see her. I took a breath and jumped, the water hit me hard and I felt my body instantly become weaker. I couldn't last long like this, the water was clear and I instantly found Zuri, she was floating in the water, her eyes closed and arms floating.

I swam towards her, my body hurt from the water but I had to save Zuri. I drew closer and pulled her towards my chest. I looked down to see the bottom of the lake and then looked up, I pushed off the lake bed. I kicked my way to the surface and took in a breath of air- and lake water. I coughed and swam to the edge of the lake, I pushed Zuri onto the bank, and saw she was breathing. I clambered out and walked away weakly but I didn't get far until I fell against a tree and just sat there. I was too tired to hide myself and just prayed that Zuri wouldn't see me, I felt mean but I didn't want to feel the hurt of seeing her get into trouble just because of me.

I heard someone moving around the trees, muttering to them selves

"Where is Zuri? I know she didn't die from me pushing her, damn it" I couldn't move otherwise I would have killed whoever was muttering for trying to kill Zuri.

I managed to bend space around Zuri's tiny form just as a big looming shape stumbled out of the trees. I was sweating from trying to keep the bend going and prayed that Zuri wouldn't wake up or at least she'd stay still,

The figure moved along the bank, scanning the water, they stopped and turned towards me. I stared back at the person, they walked over to me and growled,

"Where is she?" I didn't answer,

"Tell me where she is!" The figure demanded,

"What... do you mean?" I said tiredly,

"I mean the girl! Where is she?"

"I don't know what your talking about." I snapped back,

"Why are you all wet then?" The figure said,

"I decided to go for a dip" I replied smoothly,

"Your a Fire Fox Demon, your weakness is water. You'd never do that... unless you were trying to save someone."

I didn't say anything, I couldn't say anything diving in had made me lose my strength but I made it look like I was just annoyed.

"Oh OK! I'll just sit here and wait then shall I?" The figure sat in front of me and smiled, I smiled back. Their grin faltered,

Damn it Zuri, run away! I thought savagely. I felt my powers being strained but I kept it up.

The End

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