Zuri: Alone.Mature

It was pointless. I could sense he'd left but I still called his name. I saw the same piece of paper I'd left for him. I read it calmly. Then I called louder to no avail. I gave up. He was gone and never coming back. I was alone again. I sat down, remarkably indifferent. I stared for a long time; never seeing anything, just staring.

I read the letter again. I chuckled without humour. 'You're still you, don't change Zuri.' I'm still me indeed. I laughed darkly again. He told me not to change but it was too late: it was done. I had changed and now Mazany was gone I didn't know if I could even try and hang on to who I was.

I fell asleep but woke up screaming. I'd had the same nightmare I'd had the night before. I wiped my forehead. I was sweating like crazy. Then I wondered if I was trapped in my own personal Nightmare Realm; whenever I went to sleep I saw myself, evil and cold but when I woke it felt like I was still having a nightmare for Mazany had left me. I knew I was being silly though. I was awake and this was my reality. Collected and cool, I stood up and jumped from the treehouse. No, I wasn't trying to find him because he'd requested that I didn't. I was honouring his last request of me. He'd told me to keep walking so I did. Casually I wandered through the woods, not thinking about anything really. Not feeling anything. It was like my soul had gone. I didn't care though, of course I didn't because I didn't feel.

I sang an old Pixie song as I walked:

'Nature is what we thrive on
From Nature we have a living Earth
Earth support the seas and all Water
Water puts out the scalding Fire.

Glistening Snow falls from Space
Looking like the Moon's tears
The Sun shines bright in the sky
Glowing like the warm hearts of the Pixies'

I stopped singing but kept walking. Was my Pixie heart warm? It didn't feel warm. It felt very cold. I walked to a cliff; not his favourite cliff but another one. Knowing him he was at the other cliff now. I examined the drop. Would it be enough.

Then I froze, horrified with myself. Was I really so depressed I would kill myself? I shook my head and stepped back. No, I wasn't, I wouldn't jump; I would try to hold on for Mazany's sake.

Then I was pushed. I slipped off the edge and fell. I screamed for Mazany. Then I remembered it was pointless. I thought quickly and shouted.

"Element Water! I need you come to me please!" The response was weak because I'd called it on an impulse but I'd had no Al'leako to guide me. I had to try. I tried to get water to cushion me and create an air bubble for me. Please let it work, I thought desperately, please.

If I survive this, whoever pushed me is gonna be sorry, I thought savagely.

And then I hit the water.

The End

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