Mazany: IdiotMature

I woke up to find a note fluttering on the floor beside me stuck under a rock. It was from Zuri saying that if I still wanted to be her friend to stay here and she'd come back tomorrow... today?

I hit myself on the head and whispered "Idiot"

Why did I take her? Why did I have to take her there? I also realized that I never did tell her the secret, I seemed to just cause trouble for Zuri. Maybe I should leave and then she wouldn't get into these situations. I tried to find something to write on, in the end I used the same paper Zuri used and wrote.

Dear Zuri,

I really want to be friends with you but I cause you too much trouble. If it wasn't for me what happened yesterday wouldn't have happened.
I'm so glad I met you, you were the first creature to except me and I wished I could stay with you but I just cause too much trouble.
I don't want you to get hurt because of me again, I don't care about what happened yesterday. I wished you had just kept walking instead of coming after me. You're still you, don't change Zuri.
Maybe I'll see you again someday but just forget about me Zuri, I was never here. Just keep walking Zuri, and this time don't come after me.


My throat clenched and I felt tears prickle the side of my eyes, I placed the note in plain sight. I smelt the magic that transported Zuri and then smelt her, I didn't have time to escape so in stead bent time behind myself and climbed onto the roof. I heard Zuri enter the tree house and call out my name.

I wanted to call back, I wanted to forget about the letter but I knew this was for the best. I knew she found the letter for she cried my name harder, my heart felt like it was being torn out but I just jumped off the roof and ran into the woods.

I carried on running until I came to the end of a lake, I didn't know where I should go now. I sat down at the edge of the lake with my chin on my knees, I felt tears trickle down my cheeks.

"Idiot" I said to myself.

The End

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