Zuri: Changed.Mature

I saw awareness filter his eyes and I felt joy but I kept my focus on the evil thing holding him. I put my faith in my Elements and darted over to them both so quickly I was just a blur, invisible with speed. I grabbed the Soul Feeders' neck and tightened my grip like she had tightened hers on Maz. It let him go and clawed at my hand. Maz was on the floor, coughing. I threw the thing away much like Darren had thrown me away all those months ago. It growled and we continued our battle. It was trying to make sure I didn't get the chance to banish it.I fought with Elements and it fought with the power of the Nightmare Realm and souls it had stolen in the past. I snarled at it, shocking myself. This wasn't like me but the anger and hatred that filled me was all-consuming. I didn't know what I was becomeing but I knew I was becoming something different. I wasn't the same Zuri anymore.

I was winning. It was weakening and its reflexes were slowing. I was only vaguely aware of the wounds it had given me. Finally, I kicked the thing as it lunged at me and it flew back into a rock. It was too weak to stand. I repeated the proceedure I did before, throwing my head back and arms wide.

"Element Moon, please come to me, I need you," I called.

"No!" The Shadow of the Black Twilight World cried, attempting to get up and stop me.

"Put this Soul Feeder into eternal sleep in the essence of the moon. Make sure she is never awakened again, no matter who helps her!"

"You've won this time but it isn't over for you," it hissed before fading away. I stood still for a moment. Then a shudder went through me. What was wrong with me? I was turning into one those cruel, sadistic creatures that had tormented us Pixies or those wolves who had picked on Mazany... I shuddered again. My Maz... almost reluctantly I turned around and saw him staring at me. Yes, he'd seen it all. The fight, my power, me banishing it.  I slid my eyes to Al'leako.

"I want to go home," I whispered and he nodded. He picked up Maz and carried him back to where we started with me trailing behind. I took Maz from him, supporting all him weight. With my help, we went home. At some point he lost consciousness. I left him in my - our - treehouse with a note saying if he was still willing to be my friend to stay here and I'd meet him tomorrow.

I was so tired. No matter what amazing secrets were in that place I never wanted to go back. I didn't see anyone other than Ice. She stared at me shocked and... slightly outraged. I ignored her though and went straight to bed.

I didn't sleep well, images of that battle haunted me. It wasn't the evil Soul Feeder that caused the nightmare, or the mysteries of the Black Twilight World, or its parting line. It was me that kept me up all night, the thought of my powers and the angry, cruel, creature I had been.

The End

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