Mazany: RememberingMature

"Get off him" I glanced at the person who said this, she was small with chestnut brown spiky hair. Something tickled the back of my mind but went away as quick as it had come. I felt my eye's glaze over, the girl dung her finger into my shoulder harder and my body lost all it strength. I felt something rip the girl from me and voices talking to each other.

Someone stepped in front of me but I was too tired to look up, they seemed to change form and I felt someone lifting me up and cradling me. Me head fell to my chest as I gazed at nothing, they carried me somewhere and I heard, what sounded like, a battle. I glanced up to see the mysterious stranger fighting with the girl who I was meant to belong to. Something covered my eyes and I heard a voice say,

"Little One! What has she done to you?" I didn't reply, I was drifting. I felt... incomplete, who am I? I thought to myself, I withdrew further into myself as I felt something touch my mind.

The person holding me put me on the floor, I stared down at nothing.

"Little Nature! He does not... know" The person who had picked me up said,

"Oi! Mazany! Snap out of it! It's me, Zuri!" I didn't respond, my mind had a dull throb which pulsated through my whole body. Something fell in front of me with a cry of pain, I managed to look up to see the strange girl lying in front of me, she looked up at me with pleading eyes, "Please Mazany! Remember..."

"The Demonic Creature cannot remember Little Pixie! I have just fed off him, and I now hold his soul here" I looked up further to see the beautiful girl holding a small orb that had a swirling red cloud inside. I felt my strength being sapped further. Someone stood in front of me saying,

"Do not look at it Little One" The girl who was in front of me took my face in her hands. I willed myself to look up but my mind felt hazy, I wanted to remember... remember what?

I stood up slowly and pushed my way past the figure that blocked my sight of the beautiful girl. The girl smiled at me and held out a hand, "Yes, that's right, you know who you want to be with." I stumbled forward, it felt like I was walking through water. I reached the beautiful girl and reached out a hand towards her,

"Mazany! NO!" I faltered, but then reached out further, the beautiful girl had a glint in her eyes which turned to confusion as I reached beyond her outstretched hand and touched the orb.

All strength left my body and as I fell I was aware of the orb slipping out of the girls fingers. I stared blankly as the orb rolled away from the beautiful girl's reach, and watched as the other girl picked it up. Zuri... her name was Zuri.

"Zuri..." I whispered, but she didn't hear me, however the other girl did and she grabbed me and put an arm around my throat, I just hung limply in her grasp.

"He needs that orb... and I have him" She said and I heard her chuckle, Zuri looked at me and I said,

"Drop it-" I couldn't finish because the girl holding me tightened her grip around my throat, I put up my arms to get her off me but I was too weak.

"Don't drop it! If you do he dies." I looked at Zuri, willing her to drop it and I saw  her glance behind the girl before letting the orb go. It tumbled down and smashed into millions of pieces, the swirling mass of red dispersed from the orb and I felt something enter me. Mazany... I'm Mazany, the girl behind me tightened her grip and I saw dots before my eyes, I couldn't breath. The pressure left my neck and I collapsed on the floor, coughing.

The End

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