Mazany: Soul FeederMature

I felt someone lifting me up, but I couldn't do anything. My head lolled back and I slipped back into darkness.

Why did I always get into these situations? Why do I always end up like this? Why am I so weak?

Someone smoothed my face and whispered, "Oh you are not weak my little Demonic Fox. In fact you are so strong you entice me"

They stroked my face and my tail, they had cold hands which sent a shudder through my body. I was in my human form but I couldn't remember how I had morphed into my human form, I drifted. It felt good to be stroked, I forgot everything, I forgot who I was, I forgot... who was it? A small girl, she was... crying?

I tried to pull away, but whoever was holding me pulled me closer and kissed me. I felt my strength weakening, my hands fell down and my body became numb.

"Oh! You have so much Spirit Demonic Fox! I cannot finish you yet... how sad" The person said to me and rubbed their hand across my chest. I opened my eyes a slit and saw a girl above me. She was beautiful, her hair was a shining white, and she had beautiful purple eyes. Her smile was soft, with rosy lips and a perfect nose. Everything about her was perfect. She smiled and I couldn't stop my heart from speeding up,

"You're a cute Demonic Creature..." A smile played across her lips as she whispered,

"Charm" in my ear. I felt my mind go fuzzy, and I couldn't move my body or say anything. What's... happening to me?

"She was right! You were worth the trouble" I felt myself nod at these words,

"You look tired, why don't you go to sleep so that I can feed more from you my Demonic Fox?" I nodded and felt the girl hugging me tighter, I tried to stop my eyes from drooping but I couldn't.


Who am I? What am I? Where am I?

"Shh, you are mine. You are for me to feed off. You are home with me."

I opened my eyes slowly, the girl was above me. She smiled kindly, I nodded, I was hers, I was for her to feed off, I was home. I fell softly onto her lap. She stroked my head and cheek, I let her.


Darkness swirled around me, screaming faces loomed out of the every shifting darkness. I tried to move but I couldn't, I was sitting crossed legged with my head hanging, the faces wouldn't stop screaming they pierced my mind. It hurt, it hurt so badly, my eyes were wide. I felt someone wrap their arms around me and purr in my ear,

"Welcome home my Demonic Creature." They kissed my neck and I cried out in pain as a she bit my neck, my mind became fuzzy.

The End

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