Zuri: Panic.Mature

You're doing - Maz began but just then he was hit from behind and collapsed. As he fell he slipped from my mind.

Mazany! I screamed agoinized. I had to stop, I had to turn around. I needed to find him.

Zuri, keep walking... Maz told me weakly, just walk. Then he slipped away completely. That did it. I spun and ran back, retracing my steps. I pushed myself as fast as I could. Something was terribly wrong, not just with Maz but with this whole strange world. The moon was changing to red.

I was too late. A beautiful, young girl had picked Maz up. She had long, silvery hair and her eyes were turquoise. She stared at me and chuckled.

"A little Elemental Pixie. As powerful as a God yet as weak as a human. Trying to fit in with the big people." I connected with Nature and begged Nature for help in calling all my powers to strengthen me. A surge of power went through me, it was like nothing I'd felt before. I stood up straight.

"Leave him alone," I commanded, the power amplifying my voice. She stepped back, shock crossing her face.

"She told me you were pathetic and weak," the girl murmured then grinned at me, before I could be sure of her uncertainty, and began to disappear .

"NO!" I screamed and a glowing ball of... something shot from my hands at her. She was gone though. I fell to my knees.

"No," I moaned and buried my face in my hands; sobbing brokenly. It was there that Al'leako found me. I lifted my tear-streaked face to his.

"Why?" I whispered and fainted.


I opened my eyes to a black fire. Al'leako was there watching me with an unfathomable expression. He gave me some strange food. I tried not to think about what it was; I truly didn't want to know. When I was done I looked at him, waiting for his explanation. He flinched.

"I know, I was foolish. I let both of you wonder off on your own but in my defence, it should not have been able to come back," Al'leako muttered.

"Who is she?" I croaked. My voice was funny from all that crying. Al'leako smiled darkly at me.

"It is the Soul Feeder or the Shadow of the Black Twilight World," Al'leako informed me. I waited patiently for him to say more. He didn't disappoint.

"The Soul Feeder lives in the Nightmare realm. It has taken the form of a beautiful girl. It feeds of the souls of demonic creatures, like Little One."

"He's a Fire Fox Demon," I nodded.

"Yes, he is which is probably why it chose him over you. I banished the creature many years ago; put her to sleep in the essence of the moon. Someone has obviously helped her to awaken in the Nightmare Realm. Notice the moon is no longer black but red? It is because the black moon is it's weakness. There are very few who have elemental gifts. One of the elementals is the moon so it would be very useful if we could find someone with those gifts," Al'leako sighed. My head snapped up and my gaze was sharp. He seemed alarmed by my reaction.

"What was that you said? About elementals?" I demanded.

"Amongst the supernatural worlds there are very powerfully gifted creatures who have connections with the Elements, one of which is moon. If we found one of them then there is a chance we could turn the moon black again and I can find the Soul Feeder and, consequently, Little One. Also they can banish the Soul Feeder to the essence of the moon again."

"Then tell me what to do," I said, hopeful that I might be able to save Maz, "The Soul Feeder told me I was an Elemental Pixie... so I'm assuming I'm what you're looking for." Excitement sparkled in Al'leako's eyes.

"We always knew you were special, Little Nature. Now pay close attention. This is what you have to do...

The End

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